Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Not Your Ordinary Chapstick

Try counting all the Chapsticks you've had since you can remember.

I bet you none of them have ever felt like this:

Ceralip is a lip treatment for severely dry or cracked lips by La Roche Posay

It's non-irritating, it doesn't have any fragrances, and it's even recommended by dermatologists for extreme weather or side effects from Accutane. Pretty tough stuff!

But what exactly stands out in this that other lip balms don't offer?
Unlike other lip balms that just leave a coat of wax on your lips, the texture of ceralip is not oily, but slightly creamy. Your lips literally soak this (if you put the right amount - a little goes a long way). 

Squeeze the tube until a little bit of product comes out. Place the product on your lip, then blend with your ring finger. Rub lips together. 100% softness!

This is a great night-treatment product to wake up with soft lips.

It's also great to use before applying lipstick, especially matte ones. Just get rid of the excess and apply some color for ultra-moisturized lips!

Here's a pic of the back side of the tube

Any questions? Comments?

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