Friday, January 25, 2013

Random Facts About Me


I've come across some beautiful and inspiring blogs lately, and one thing I have noticed is how important it is for viewers to know about the author. Yes, I love makeup, skincare, beauty in general. But who am I?

My full name is Patricia Carolina Montenegro Zambrano.

1. I was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela on July 13th, 1989. I'm a cancer.

2. I learned both Spanish and English at the same time.

3. I come from a family of six. I have two brothers who are older than me, and a sister who is the youngest.

My mom and my sister, Paola and the girl with the crazy hair on the right is me!

4. I am addicted to chocolate. Literally.

5. I am extremely sensitive/emotional (as I previously mentioned, I'm a cancer) my family means the world to me, and my friends are treated like family.

6. I love travelling and I'm ambitions when it comes to it - I really want to visit Europe sometime soon.

7. I'm left handed.
- I'm a lefty in music (I play the lefty guitar)

- I'm right handed in sports (I kick with my right leg, I use my right arm to throw/bat)
PS: I suck at sports

8. I'm terribly near-sighted. I have myopia of -7.00 and I hope to get Lasik sometime soon...

9. I'm a Psychology student, hoping to pursue Psychoanalysis or perhaps something beauty-related.

10. I love classical music. I've always wanted to play the piano and the violin.

11. I write poetry.

12. I want to learn how to speak: Russian, Portuguese, French, Italian.

13. I love photography and I've practiced it on my own since I was very young.
Picture I took off our apartment in Miami

14. My favorite show is The Sopranos.

If you have any questions, just pop 'em down below! x


  1. I love getting to know the bloggers from blogs I read.
    My father is Venezuelan so I have been to Venezuela a few times, although it was such a long time ago. I'd love to go back, it's beautiful. :) xxx

    1. No way!!!! Where from? No wonder why you're so pretty - you've got those Venezuelan genes!! :)
      What a small world. Thank you for the feedback.

  2. Hi Patricia!

    So lovely to get to know you a bit better!
    We have a lot in commun actually! I'm also left handed (to write) but I do everything else with my right hand!).
    I'm very emotional too, especially since I got pregnant 3 years ago!
    I love love love photography. I speak French (mother language) and Italian because I live now in the south of Switzerland (close to the italian border).
    My family is everything to me... <3
    I'm really enjoying reading your blog! So glad I found you!

    Keep it up! Lots of love from sunny but cold Switzerland! :-)


  3. Hi Anne! I'm really glad I found you too :) Your little baby must be adorable! I love it when babies are around that age - I think its their cutest stage :)

    I learned French when I was really young...around 7 years old, for about four years, but I forgot it because I never practiced it anymore. I'd love to re-take some courses later on in the future. I need to be able to speak french when I'm in France pharmacy-hopping ;)

    I've heard Switzerland is amazing... and lucky you - you have delicious chocolate over there.

    Thanks so much for always giving me feedback, I really, really appreciate it.

    Warm hugs and lots of love from Venezuela!

  4. Aw I absolutely loved reading this, I havent been to your blog before but this is a great way to start reading a blog.. I did a quick view on your latest blogpost and I really liked them, Im going to check out your youtube hannel since its so nice to meet some latino fellas speaking english :) x Definitely following you!



  5. Hola!!!

    Thank you so much for your feedback! I'm going to check your page right now. xx

  6. How did ı miss this post! It s realy nice and fun to hear things about you. I always hesitate to write about me on my blog, you know everyone does not have a chance to live in Paris so I'm a little bit suspicious to talk about! By the way I m cancer too and lov epoetry and long time ago ı was writing also ı don t know why I stopped! I guess I could write only when I was sad and now I m fully happy :)
    Gros bisous ma cherie:)

    1. Thanks Inci! You should definitely talk more about yourself. Write one of these posts! The same thing happens to me... I write poetry only when I'm sad. XOXO

  7. Great post! it nice to know a little bit more about the people we like to follow, really loving your blog!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm really happy that you're loving it! xx