Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Ultimate Goal: Getting A Message Through Your Head

I remember being a child and watching my mom take her time to get ready to go out - even it that place was simply the supermarket. Wherever she went, she wouldn't skip lipstick, and every single night before she went to bed, she would never skip putting lotion on her skin. I remember questioning why she did this. Fast forward to 13 years later and here I am, imitating her. My mom taught me to take care of myself and to always look presentable. 

Venezuela is well-known for having beautiful women, and I hope I don't come across as a narcissist, but Venezuelan women are very elegant, very coquette. They like to look presentable wherever they go.

My love for makeup began at a young age. I would love going to the drugstore with my parents simply to stare at makeup and wander through the aisles, always in awe at how many products there were on display. As I grew older, I felt the need to become more self-efficient. Hence, I learned how to trim my own ends, do my eyebrows, wax, do my own mani & pedi and do my own makeup. 

Makeup is something that is involved in every women's (and some men's) life. Whether you love it or hate it, everyone has worn a lipstick or applied mascara, stuck to the basics, but everyone's put something on their face. 

I started playing with eyeshadows around high school, and my two best friends from school would always tell me how good I was at the application, but honestly, I never believed them at the time.

I had a quick chat with an old friend from school tonight who said I looked pretty self-confident. If I portray myself that way, I'm portraying myself incorrectly. I'm very insecure about myself. I guess I have improved, because I used to have many issues in regards to my body years ago, and even my own looks. There was a period of time I could not look at myself in the mirror, literally. For those who are new to my blog, I have been battling with depression since I was 13. The symptoms aren't very helpful for one's self-esteem. 

Why did I even create a beauty blog? Why did I expose myself? I've always believed something, which leads me to the point of this post. I want you to read this and believe it:

I genuinely believe that everyone is beautiful. Both men and women. I believe everyone has a distinct and particular feature in them that makes them beautiful. There are no faces that look literally identical. Everyone is different, therefore, everyone is beautiful. I've seen beautiful eyelashes, beautiful eyebrows, beautiful skin and beautiful dimples. Beautiful birthmarks, beautiful eyes, beautiful lips, beautiful cheekbones. I could go on and on. 

My goal is to make you feel beautiful. To help you and make you recognize what makes you beautiful and embrace it, enhance it. I would not spend my time taking pictures for this blog or asking you what you want to learn if I didn't care about how I will make you feel. I've never seen makeup as a mask, I've always seen makeup as a way of enhancing what already makes you beautiful.

I used to hate my eyes. I have very dark eyes and I've been asked before if I wear black contacts. My eyes are very dark brown. There is no such thing as black eyes. 

My paternal grandmother suffered from Alzheimer's and had a very slow death due to pneumonia. She used to love my eyes and used to repeat it very often when I was a child. I didn't understand why she liked them so much, and I actually used to envy those with light eyes - blue, green and grey. 

In 2007, shortly before she passed away, already in her last stages of dementia, she looked at me without knowing I was her grand-daughter and she said to me, "Your eyes are the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen." 

For some reason, that sentence left an impression in me. She saw something beautiful in me, and I began to embrace my eyes. They are so dark, they can be mirrors sometimes. I've been told before I have the ability to "speak" with my eyes. It took me years to find beauty in myself, but I have learned to love my eyes. That's why I use bright eyeshadows and dark eyeliner. I like to make my big, dark eyes pop. This is just me talking about myself, but there is something beautiful in all of you. 

My goal is to make people feel beautiful and more self-confident. My heart will be warm and happy knowing I've done that.

Thank you for your time. 

A big thank you to my friend Viktoria for encouraging me to write this. She recently opened her first blog:


  1. What a beautiful post Patricia!
    I enjoyed reading your story...

    I completely agree with you, we are all beautiful in our own way! Sometimes we tend to forget that... Society make us feel like we have to look a certain way or fit in a certain box (being blonde, have long hair, being skinny...) I could go on and on! But reality is different!
    I'm 32 years old and have my own insecurities. I try to work on them but it's not an easy task!
    I've always loved makeup and beauty related stuff since I was a little girl!
    You are absolutely right, makeup is there to make us feel prettier by enhancing our assets rather than covering our inner beauty...
    Yes it's ok to have big brown eyes (I've always loved your eyes!), red hair, freckles, long nose, cheekbones,... Whatever!

    I love being part of this beauty community, I looooove reading blogs and I think they are very useful for many girls. We can all learn from each other, everybody has its own way of doing things and that's the beauty of it!
    Your blog is a place I like to visit everyday, I'm glad I've found you! :-)

    As women we need to support ourselves and stick together... Girl power all the way!

    Thanks for sharing your story with us... I have no doubt that your grand-mother is very proud of the beautiful woman you've become! ❤

  2. My lovely Anne, my apologies for taking so long to reply, but I've had you in my thoughts and I'm extremely appreciative of your support. Your words mean so much to me. I feel very blessed to have gotten to know people like you through this media - powerful, beautiful and genuine.

    It is hard to feel secure in the society we live - you're right. It's like everyone's fighting/competing for perfection. But sticking together, like you said, we'll be just fine. Much, much love.

  3. No worries my dear!
    Thank you very much for your kind words!
    I hope you feel better...
    Big big kiss! ;-) ❤