Sunday, March 17, 2013

Top 10 Items To Have In Your Purse

Being a woman is not easy. I've always found it funny how men leave their houses without really anything other than their cel phone and house/car keys. For women, it's slightly more different. We get our period, our hair messes up, our lipstick runs (sometimes red shades on our teeth - not nice), our hands get dirty and we don't like it, and the list goes on on. Most of us carry a little secret bag inside our handbag containing life-saving (Ok, I'm exaggerating) items. I wanted to share mine with you today. I present to you my Top 10 Items To Have In Your Purse.

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1. Hand Sanitizer: There are germs everywhere, and this is just handy to have in case you are ready to eat but your hands are dirty, or maybe you want to use a little bit after you've eaten, or after leaving the shopping cart at the grocery store. 

2. Mirror: Do you know that uncomfortable feeling after you eat in public and you're wondering if you have broccoli stuck in your teeth? Or maybe you're wondering if your hair looks okay or if you want to make sure your eyeliner hasn't smudged, but you don't have a mirror anywhere near you and you can't sneak your way into a bathroom? Carrying a mirror with you will relieve that anxiety.  

3. Lip Balm: Lipstick can fade, lips can dry out. It's nice to have something moisturizing with you to prevent chapped lips. 

4. Colorful Lipstick: A pop of color can instantly revitalize one's face. 

5. Concealer: You don't have to have the most expensive concealer in your purse. I carry with me my Maybelline Fit Me Concealer which is very inexpensive but effective. If your makeup fades a bit and your under-eye area begins to look tired, if your mascara smudges underneath your waterline, simply dab a little bit of this and voila! 

6. Blotting Sheets: For those with combination to oily skin gals, you can relate to that nasty feeling of having shine on your forehead or nose, or chin. You're out with your girlfriends and you're about to get a picture taken. Don't want that shine to show up? Simply tap a blotting sheet on the areas where you tend to get oily. I love my ELF Blotting sheets because they do the job for only $1!

7. Pads: Sorry, I know this is not fun to talk about, but this is just important to have in case of an "emergency" or maybe one of our girlfriends might need one! Tampons: Maybe that "emergency" can be a lot worse or maybe our friends are not used to using pads but rather tampons, so anyway, it's just good to have something for everyone. 

8. Ponytail: Everyone gets bad hair moments even on good hair days. You might go out and end up somewhere hot and miserable and having your hair up just makes you feel that much more fresh. 

9. Bobby pin or hair clip: A must have for women with bangs or short hair. It can be a wonderful solution paired with #8.

10. Q-Tips: Ahhh! I saved the best for last. Such an inexpensive and random item, yet it can do miracles! This is FANTASTIC to have for several reasons: it can quickly fix smudged liner on the top or bottom lash line, fix uneven lipstick, mascara or eyeshadow application. Love.

I hope you found this post helpful and had a good laugh! What are your Top 10 Items to have in your purse? 


  1. Great picks my dear Patricia!
    This was very fun to read! :-)
    Well, you already know what I like to carry with me... :-)
    Have a relaxing evening... Big kiss! <3

  2. I completely agree, hand sanitizer is a must for the purse! The Bath & Body Works sanitizers are great!