Friday, April 5, 2013

Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer & Other Florida Experiences

Hi my beautiful dolls!

Sorry I haven't been on Blogger lately. We don't have internet upstairs, simply because this is our vacation condo. I get online downstairs at a recreation room. It's a funny situation right now. I feel like I'm in an episode of Seinfeld. Remember Del Boca Vista?! (You will understand this only if you're a Seinfeld fan). Next to where I'm sitting, there are five lovely ladies in their 70's well dressed, with their makeup done...and from New York or Jersey. This area is known for having a very Jewish, and retired community... The ladies are playing cards and gossiping. I just wanted to share the scenario with you because I thought it was funny... :)

Onto my post. I have so many things to talk to you about! I've been testing many products (and asking for samples is a great way to try things out). For instance, I have to share with you my Inglot experience. I fell in love with that store and the way you can design your own palettes with so much freedom...without anyone behind your back being annoying. It's just a little room in heaven.

That's the makeup I had on yesterday morning. I tried a lipstain by Hourglass which I LOVED but I haven't gotten it, so I put it on at SpaceNK that is inside Bloomingdale's at the Aventura Mall. 

Excuse my weird, awkward facial expression. I tried taking it quick so no one could see me! Anyway, the lipstain is called Hourglass Opaque Rouge and the shade I'm wearing is called Muse. The picture does not do justice to the color.

This is today's Face of the Day. Now, the real purpose of this post was to express my ABSOLUTE LOVE FOR THE KEVIN AUCOIN SENSUAL SKIN ENHANCER. IT IS AMAZING.

I want to make a proper, separate post for the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer, but I wanted to talk to you about it really quick before I head out.

I first heard about this foundation by Wayne Goss on YouTube. It was on my Instagram wishlist for 2013, and I can't believe it's finally mine. When you first see the pot, you question yourself: how in the world would I purchase that tiny little thing? It's not going to last a week. But this product is extremely, extremely pigmented and concentrated. A rice-size amount covers your entire face. What is so neat and different about this product is that you have full control over the coverage and the finish. 

The lady at SpaceNK was extremely friendly and collaborative in teaching me how to properly apply this. 

She suggested using a little spatula or Q-tip for hygienic reasons. She grabbed a rice-size amount and mixed it with a facial oil. She then blended it on her hand and used a big, fluffy brush to tap the product from her hand onto my face, beginning at the center. Tap, buff. Tap, buff.

So today I used a Q-tip as well, grabbed a tiny rice-size amount and added half a drop of my Fresh Seaberry Facial Oil. I buffed it onto my skin using the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. 

You can use this product by itself, but it is thick. It's not waxy, it's actually very creamy. Adding a little something else makes it easier to maneuver on the skin. You can add anything you want. Your current facial oil, your current moisturizer, a skin enhancer, whatever you want. Everyone has their own personal preference. You just have to play with it. 

The coverage is very buildable. It can be sheer, but it can definitely be full coverage. The finish is satin, but you can alter it depending on what you mix it with. No SPF = no flashback in photography. Honest to God, this is the best foundation I have ever tried so far. I know I have only tried it twice, but man... you can just tell a difference. 

If you're interested in this foundation, I strongly recommend going to a store and get matched. The lady had to apply three different shades until we were finally satisfied. She said to me sometimes you have to mix two shades, but come on, I didn't want to buy two of them. I got the shade SX08 which is good for someone who is NC30-35. 

I have a very good website for you if you're interested in more in depth information about this foundation from a lovely blogger I found last night :)

Definitely check her video and post out. 

Have a lovely day everyone! Much love. 


  1. I love this post! I would really love to try out some Kevyn A. products! x

    1. Thank you! I hope you get to try them out soon! xx

  2. You look amazing with it on. And that eye! It's beautiful.

  3. Hi Pat!

    This foundation sounds very interesting! I've never heard of anything like it before! You wouldn't believe that a tiny jar like this would last you for so long! Incredible!
    The bright colors suit you very well!
    Happy Sunday my dear! Miami looks amazing by the way... ;-)