Thursday, June 13, 2013

Nars Cordura Review and Swatches

Hi beautiful ladies! 

I feel like I haven't been here in forever! I'm so busy with school as I'm on my last year. But it feels great to be typing away. I missed blogging!

Back in April when I was in the States, I found myself walking by the Nars aisle at Sephora on and off. I had never owned a Nars Eyeshadow Duo before. To be completely honest, I had expected more from them, especially the beautiful, bright colors. I had the luck to have plenty of time to swatch each palette, and Cordura was one of my favorite ones. Hope you enjoy the review!

Package-wise, Nars eyeshadow duos come in the same packaging as the blushes. The only difference is you get 4g of product in the eyeshadow duos and 4.8g of product on the blush compacts.

The lightest shade is a warm bronzy-honey (satin) with a with tiny gold specs that are a lot more visible under artificial light than natural-- you have to look at it really close if you want to see them. Honestly, this is a very unique shade in my collection despite of it being a neutral. 

The darkest shade is a rich, dark taupe with golden glitter-- a lot more apparent than the golden specs on the lightest shade. The taupe color itself seems matte to me; the glitter just sits on top, if that makes sense. Just like the lightest shade though, the glitter is a lot more visible under artificial light. As opposed to the lighter shade, the glitter is apparent in natural light.  

With Flash

Artificial Light

I found Cordura to be one of the most pigmented sets among all of Nars Eyeshadow Duo sets. The darkest shade in this duo is a bit chalky though, which leads to fall-out. This isn't a problem for me though, because I always do my eyes first, then clean up if necessary and then I follow with my base. 

Compared to Lorac eyeshadows for instance, which are ultra-creamy and buttery, the texture of Nars Cordura is a bit chalky. Nonetheless, I found the shades very easy to work with when it came to blending and building up the color intensity. 

The lasting power is pretty good, but definitely use an eye-primer, otherwise it'll crease. 

I used this duo today on top of Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in the shade 15 and it looked divine

I'm really happy with this duo. I think neutral lovers would absolutely adore this. 

The only downside I can find with this product is the price. $34 for an eyeshadow duo is pretty steep. But are they worth it? Some, I think. I strongly suggest going to your local Sephora, Ulta or other beauty store to swatch them if you're desperate to get one. Some of the Nars eyeshadow look absolutely beautiful on the pan, but unfortunately, they run sheer when you swatch them, and you could get much more affordable and pigmented shades from other brands. 

Do you own any Nars eyeshadows? If so, which are your favorite?


  1. Hi sis!

    Happy you are back!
    Beautiful shades! Right up my alley!
    I don't own any Nars eyeshadow... in fact I don't own many Nars products. Only 2 blushers...
    I will put my little fingers in this one next time I'm at a counter! LOL!
    Thanks for your email, I will reply soon! :-)
    Kiss kiss sis!

    1. Yep! Those shades remind me of you because I know you're a neutrals lover! Kisses!

  2. I am dying to get this shade! Lovely post! :)