Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Travel Bag Essentials

I have made it a habit to carry with me minis because there is always that one time I need one of them, a couple or more. The cool thing about carrying a small travel bag in your purse is that no matter what the plans are that day, if they change, you'll have everything you need with you (say you decide to spend the night at a friend's house, or maybe the weather isn't cooperating with your skin and hair). Obviously this bag is customized to my own needs. The purpose of this post is to give you ideas of what to carry with you, not a specific guide of what you need.

Skin: I keep a sample of Tatcha Camellia Cleansing Oil because it is strong stuff. It will get rid of any waterproof makeup I'm wearing. I also like to keep a small cleanser, in this case Origins Checks and Balances, because I like to double-cleanse. Moisturizing is key to me, both the eye area and the face/neck, so I always make sure I always have a few samples of those in there (Caudalie Premier Cru The Eye Cream, Origins GinZing and High-Potency Night-A-Mins shown in picture). And of course, Caudalie Beauty Elixir is a must in my hand-bag as this instantly refreshes with it's minty scent.

Hair: I love that Dry Bar offers a travel-size of their Detox Dry Shampoo. How clever. This dry shampoo will instantly add volume, freshness while getting rid of oil. Oribe Cote D'Azur is basically perfume for your hair, but a must if you're going on a date or if you've been in a bar or around friends who smoke, gross.

Teeth: Very important. I have the habit of flossing after every meal. I personally cannot stand the feeling of food between my teeth. A toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash always come in handy, especially if you're spending the night outside of home or if your meal at the restaurant has too much garlic.

Miscellaneous: I've worn contacts since the age of nine, yes, nine! I always carry eye drops with me as it is very important to lubricate the eyes throughout the day. And a Q-tip. I always have a Q-tip with me. This is such a handy tool to touch up eye-makeup throughout the day. Say your mascara smudged a bit, or you have, you know, things going on in the inner corner -- don't stick your finger, use a Q-tip.

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  1. I'm with you on the Q-Tip and the toothbrush/toothpaste/floss... I NEED to brush my teeth after every meal or I go crazy... literally! I'm very anal about oral hygiene! :-)
    I love these kind of posts!
    Much love sis!