Monday, December 22, 2014

My Guide to Gorgeous Locks

Hair is probably the second most important thing to me after my skin. I take very good care of it and always have. I used to hate my curly hair when I was younger, but as I grew older I began to embrace my natural curls gracefully. Curly hair is difficult to maintain, at least more so than straight hair. For instance, you can't brush your curls once they're dry, it has a tendency for dryness and you need to apply some sort of styling product after you jump out of the shower.

If you're reading this and you have curly hair, here is something else to feel blessed about: those with straight hair spend hours and money trying to achieve curls, lose waves or a more voluminous, thick appearance to their flat hair (no offense, straight-hair gals). I even had a Keratin straightening treatment once because I wanted to "rock" short hair. That's when I really began to miss my curls. Luckily, they grew back, and I have a routine that makes my curls look awesome.

1. Investing in good shampoo and conditioner: Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner
I began using this duo four years ago and its been my favorite combo since. They're aimed for those with dry color-treated hair, though you can still use it even if you don't have color-treated hair. The shampoo is thick and different to all other shampoos I've tried. Due to its dense texture, you need less amount than an ordinary shampoo. Even though it's sulfate-free, it lathers and cleanses perfectly. It has a subtle lavender scent which I find captivating. The conditioner is my favorite because it smells like peppermint and envelopes your hair in this coolness you just have to experience yourself. It is so relaxing and so soothing on the scalp and even your back as you're rinsing off the product (if you have long hair, it feels SO good!) PS: Men love it, too!

2. Using an oil or serum after you jump out of the shower.
I've tried Moroccan Oil Treatment, Agave Hair Oil (sold at Sephora) and now I'm using Oribe Gold Lust. Out of all three previously mentioned, this one has the thinnest texture. I like to apply an oil from mid-shaft to ends after I (gently) comb my hair after getting out of the shower. Think of it as a serum for your hair -- it has a concentrated formula and penetrates deeply to nourish and heal.

If I am going to have a blowout, these would be my only two steps. I'm always left with touchable soft, silky hair. 

If I am going to let my hair air-dry, I proceed to step 3.

3. Use a styling product for curly hair.
I've tried an array of products for curly hair. My holy grail is Moroccan Oil Curl Defining Cream. This is my second bottle but my first one lasted a little over a year (!). When I had shorter hair, a pump would do the job, but now I have really long hair and I use two pumps, though I divide it. I use one pump for half of my hair (left side), using my fingers to distribute the product and then I use a second pump for the other half of my hair (right side). I then let my air dry and I get the most bouncy, gorgeous, frizz-free curls that people always compliment.

Another great thing about this product is that second day hair and third day hair still look polished. In fact, sometimes my second day hair looks better than my first day hair.

Extra Tips for Curly Hair
- Avoid humid areas after you get out of the shower. Turn on the AC if needed until your hair is mostly dry.
- Don't wash it every day: use dry shampoo if you need to.
- Do a weekly intense treatment: I like to use coconut oil and sleep in in.

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