Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tata Harper Clarifying Moisturizer Review

*Disclaimer: this product was sent to me to review but I always give my honest opinions. Just because I get sent something for free does not mean it'll get an A grade from me. I'm a customer just like yourself, and if I think something is not worth the money, I will state so. 

A Little Background
My love affair for Tata began a couple of months ago. I had several samples and decided to give them a try even though I was dubious about its claims and even more so about "green beauty." I started noticing something other skincare products were not doing - these products weren't full of chemicals but rather natural ingredients and my skin was showing a different kind of glow - a healthy glow. The kind of glow that made me go to Sephora and Space NK to buy most of the products from her line. Usually I like a few products from a brand but rarely enough to ever like its entire line. 

I have normal skin in the colder months and combination in the hotter warmer months. I live in southern Florida and this year has been brutal. We've gotten the kind of heat that doesn't make you want to wear makeup because it's going to melt or feel heavy. This leads me to what I love about this moisturizer.

Changes In Packaging
The first thing I noticed when I received this item on the mail was the change in packaging in both the box and the bottle. I contacted Tata Harper's customer service and I was told that their new packaging will be more "minimalistic." 

New vs. Old packaging

New vs. Old packaging

Who Is It For and What Does It Do?
The new Tata Harper Clarifying Moisturizer was designed for blemish-prone skin. In my opinion, whether you have acne, the "occasional spot" or if your skin is freaking out due to hormones or climate change, this moisturizer will suit you. If where you live is warm and you sweat a lot to the point where you're noticing clogged pores, this moisturizer is for you. 

Containing 40 high-performance ingredients, this moisturizer claims:
  • Help unclog pore congestion and blemishes on the surface of the skin.
  • Help soothe and calm the appearance of redness on the skin.
  • Provide a lightweight moisture with a matte finish. 

How have I used it?
I've tested this moisturizer in several ways after cleansing but always using the Tata Harper Floral Essence because I like my skin to be damp before applying skincare:
  • On its own: My skin isn't tight. It moves comfortably and feels soft to the touch. I like that it gives me a matte finish that doesn't make my skin look flat. Instead it looks healthy. As a true skincare junkie, I feel pleasure and comfort knowing that what I'm applying on my skin is literally working every second to decongest and treat existing blemishes. 
  • With a serum underneath: Because this moisturizer "sets" and doesn't ball up if you put anything underneath or on top, it sits beautifully on the skin. I personally like to use the Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum at night under the moisturizer. My skin can't handle too much layering during the day because I feel like I end up sweating it off. 
  • With an oil on top: Of course, using the Replenishing Nutrient Complex. This is something I am OK with during the day because the oil is extremely lightweight, absorbs quickly and it's designed to protect your skin from external aggressors. 
  • Under makeup: Because of its matte finish and oil control, my makeup wore just fine. 

Should You Try It? 
This depends on many factors of course. It does retail for $105 which is a hefty price. But considering you get more amount than the average moisturizer (50ml vs. 30ml) and the fact that these ingredients are high quality and all natural, I think it's worth the price. 

It's not a pimple miracle worker. I tested this during my period week when my forehead was becoming a little out of control and the results were a bit gradual. What I mean is, don't expect to put this moisturizer on and see your blemishes disappear overnight, but you will notice changes. I've noticed my blemishes dry faster without any peeling and at the same time my skin never feels tight. This gel-consistency moisturizer is actually very soothing, absorbs instantly (especially if you use it on its own) and at the end of the day my skin doesn't feel dehydrated. 

I have also noticed redness around my spots and cheeks go down. To be completely honest, I absolutely love this moisturizer. I also love how Tata uses natural ingredients that serve as aromatherapy - in this case, blue cypress' scent helps you feel relaxed and calm. At first I thought those claims were BS, but my mood changes at night when I sit and do my ritual with Tata Harper - in fact, I always look forward to it. 

Final Verdict 
This is another Tata Harper product I genuinely love. I wouldn't be here sitting down with my laptop writing this if I didn't think it was worth it. My goal is not to sell you something. My goal is to help you find a product that you love if the products' descriptions meet your needs. Skincare is something I take seriously and invest my money in. I don't care about designer shoes, clothes or bags (and this is not an offensive statement, we are all different and are passionate about different things and that is OK). What I'm trying to say is I try to find not good, but great skincare that makes me feel more confident in my own skin, and Tata Harper has just done that. So is this product worth it? Absolutely. In my opinion, I give this product a solid A+. 

You can shop the new Tata Harper Clarifying Moisturizer here


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