Monday, October 29, 2012

My Top 4 YouTube Beauty Gurus

The beauty industry has become a lot more interactive thanks to all the wonderful technological advances. You no longer have to be sitting in a classroom or read a book to learn all the secrets from professional make-up artists.

The following people are extremely hard workers who are modest while successful. All four are British - randomly, I swear! For some reason, I've fallen in love with these people thanks to their genuine opinions, quirkiness, sense of humor and immense talent and creativity. I have truly learned a lot from each and one of them.

Lets check 'em out!

1. Wayne Goss 
Oh, Wayne. So funny yet so straight-to-the-point. Wayne is no BS. No corny music at the beginning, no rambling in his videos, just pure information on the latest makeup trends. He gives his most honest opinion and definitely lets people know when a product is garbage, even if it's a high-end product like Chanel.

I love that he talks about everything from brushes, to skincare, personal life (occasionally), to his favorite makeup application techniques. He includes information for people of all skin tones, gender and race, and reviews not only high-end, but also drugstore products.

He is truly a lovely person!

Watch his videos on:

And he has a second channel:

Instagram: gossmakeupartist

2. Ruth Crilly
The lovely Ruth! Spontaneous, quirky and luxurious. Ruth is an international fashion model and a writer who has worked for companies like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Olay, Swatch and others.

She loves to interact with her fans and fill us with tons of information on the world of high-end products - which makes the job easier for us by not splurging money in something that's not worth it!

Reviews, make-up tutorials, fashion and skin-care advice are her main focus. She has incredible skin. Really incredible skin.

You will not only become addicted to her personality, but also her adorable cat, Mr. Bear!

Watch her videos on:

Personal website:

Instagram: amodelrecommends

3. Pixiwoo
Two delightful sisters - Sam and Nic, who are ridiculously creative and offer incredible make-up tutorials with perfect lighting/audio/close-ups. They love re-creating celebrity looks based on what the fans ask for.

I love that they not just stick to modern trends, but also go back to the 80's, 70's, and 60's.

Both of them have very different personalities but they're extremely lovely.

PS: Samantha Chapman has an amazing line of make-up brushes called "Real Techniques" - offering high quality at an affordable price.

Watch their videos on:


Real Techniques Brushes:

Instagram: pixiwoos (Sam), nixiepixi1 (Nic)

4. Lisa Eldridge
It's refreshing to find people who are so down to earth like Lisa. First of all, her voice is so soothing, I could fall asleep listening to her. There is potential to learn a lot if you watch her videos - trust me.
She has worked for A-list celebrities and fashion magazines including Vogue.

Watching Lisa will teach you how to achieve a soft-day look or a dramatic evening-smokey-eye, know the current make-up trends in the fashion industry, and inform you with amazing skin-care advice.

Watch her videos on:

Personal website:

Instagram: lisaeldridgedotcom