Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Face of the Day (30.01.13): All Drugstore

Hello beauties!

As I was getting ready for the day this morning, I thought to myself, "Hmm...I haven't done a full drugstore face."

So today's Face of the Day is all drugstore products. 

There are things that I love and things I find a little disappointing. 

Keep reading to find out what I used!

1. L'oreal Carbon Black Telescopic Liquid Eyeliner: Intense black, which I love, and it's long-lasting. But I dislike the applicator - I find it thick and hard to work with.

2. L'oreal Voluminous Mascara in "Black": My absolute favorite drugstore mascara. It lengthens and thickens, without the "spider-lashes" clumpy look. 

3. Physician's Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush in "Natural": I love the packaging - it's very cute. But onto the important info - this blush is glittery. You can see the sparkle mostly with daylight, and if applied too much, it can look unattractive as it can accentuate large pores. When applied right, this blush which contains pink, plum and brown tones, gives a nice glow to the cheeks. I really like the combination of colors. 

4. Bourjois Healthy Mix Correcting Concealer in "53 Dark Radiance": A very effective concealer for tired eyes. I love the formula, coverage (medium) and a little goes a long way. I'm very sad because Gorkem told me Bourjois was discontinuing this line :(

5. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in "56 Light Bronze": Hands down my favorite drugstore foundation. I love the scent (floral, but not overpowering), the coverage (medium) and the finish (satin).  

6. Palladio Lipstick in "Wine Berry": I like the creaminess and the pigment of the lipstick when you first glide it... but I don't like how the color fades so fast. 

Here is a picture I took when I got home and I was out for only two hours:

I didn't touch up at all so you could see what I meant. Color on the borders + faded center = unflattering lips. I can't complain too much though, this lipstick is $2.99.

7. Palladio Plump 'n' Shine Herbal Plumping Lip Gloss: I dabbed a little bit on the center. I guess it's ok. Does it's job of glossing the lips, but there's nothing magical about it. 

8. L'oreal Translucide Naturally Luminous Powder with Vitamin C in "956 Translucent": I like this powder. It's fine, not cakey and it does a good job at controlling the oil on my T-zone. I haven't used a blotting sheet and I applied my make-up five hours ago. That is pretty good for my skin. 

9. Wet N' Wild Eyeshadow Trio in "Walking on Eggshellls": amazing pigmentation, under $3, long-lasting, creamy. Honestly, I find Wet N' Wild has the best quality drugstore eyeshadows. 

Here is a last picture after touching up my lips:

I hope you found this post useful. Have a lovely day! x


  1. Hi Patricia!

    Look very cute today! :-)
    I had no idea Bourjois was discontinuating this range... That sucks! :-(
    I'm a bit scared to receive my happy booster blush, I think I've ordered the same that you have... I hope the glitters are not too big cause I'm not a big fan of sparkles on my face!
    I'm very tempted to get a Wet'n Wild palette... They have gorgeous colors!
    Good evening my dear! Kisses!


  2. Bonjour mon amis! No, don't you worry, it does have glitter, but not big chunks. It's wearable, but if you DON'T like ANY shimmer at all, meaning all matte, then you probably won't like this. If you're ok with a little bit of glitter, you'll be alright. But due to the fact that it isn't matte, I wouldn't use it all over the face, just strictly on my cheeks.

    You will LOVE Wet n Wild!

    Goodnight to you too! xoxo

  3. Thank you for your quick answer Patricia!
    I'm not against a bit of shimmer on my cheeks! ;-) I was scared it would be disco-ball-esque! (not sure it's in the dictionary ;-)
    Actually I quite like blushes that act as highlighter at the same time! Can't wait to receive it! I will let you know how I like it!
    I will definitely be trying the eyeshadows soon!
    Merci ma chérie! :-)


  4. you will look beautiful! exactly, it also highlights :)

    I cant wait for you to get it and the wet n wild shadows!!! i'm very excited for you. you're going to absolutely love them!

    bonsoir, et je vous remercie d'être toujours si gentil.

    I hope google translate got it right! i need to re-learn my french..