Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sephora 2014 VIB Rouge Event Haul + Misses

My apologies for the bad angles in this video, bad focus and lack of editing. I have no editing skills whatsoever but I recently got a new camera and am in the process of experimenting. Having said that, here is my haul video. Feel free to watch it and if you wish, continue to read this post to find out which were some immediate fails. 

PS: There was thunder while filming!

I had used Make Up For Ever's Sens'Eyes in stores a lot. It's probably the most effective and quickest product to remove heavy-duty makeup. I took it home with me to use it on my eyes but I am saddened to report that this burned my eyes and left them feeling sore for hours. I'm going to have to return this one. 

I wasn't able to get Nars' And God Created the Woman last year, so when I heard it was going to be re-released this year featuring a new Nars brush, I was excited. Unfortunately this was a hit or miss. Some shades, especially the lightest one blended with ease while the darker shades were uneven, patchy, powdery and hard to blend. It's nice that the kit comes with the Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, however the included brush feels stiff and scratchy. It's a shame -- I really wanted to like this.  

Honorable Mention
I forgot to talk about one of my favorites from this haul -- the Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Turquoise. Oh my! First of all, the color is gorgeous. The best part though is that this does not budge. Literally. Once it sets, it sets. It's a beautiful shade that I think would compliment anyone, but especially those with olive undertones. I will soon be featuring an eye look using this and share it on the blog. 


  1. Patricia, the last two darker shades just look dry LOL. Yikes!! NARS needs to step up their palette game! <3

    1. I had to go over them twice or more to show some color >.< You were right!

  2. Good to see you sis!
    That MUFE purple eyeshadow is sooo pigmented! Wow!
    You are lucky to get those makeup samples, here in Dubai (and Europe in general) we only get those crappy perfume samples that have been around for YEARS! (Chanel N°5, Miss Dior Chérie... ) Meh! LOL!
    Also... we can't return anything... I'm impressed you can try and return used items, that's so cool!
    Enjoy Miami, enjoy the rain... don't even know what it looks like haha! #jealous :-)
    Take care! Mwah! xx

    1. Thanks sis!
      Yes!!! MUFE eyeshadows are GREAT. They are pricey but as I said, I like to invest on those bolder colors.
      As for the samples... you know what you can't get there, I send to you :)
      And yes! Fortunately we get to return things here if they didn't work for us.
      Take care sis! MUAH!