Saturday, January 5, 2013

Benefit Hoola Bronzer Review

I introduce you to my favorite powder bronzer. Excellent for contouring or creating an overall, natural looking tan.

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What's not to love about Benefit packaging? Now that I'm starting to think about it, it's the makeup brand with my favorite packaging - corful and creative.

It comes in the standard Benefit box for blushes/bronzers and a small but convenient mirror when you open it. You receive a good 8g of product. 

Even though this is a powder, it feels ultra-creamy and silky - which makes blending easier!

I have medium-olive skin. My face is always lighter than the rest of my body because I exfoliate regularly. So since I'm still tanned from summer/fall, the color doesn't show as intense as it would on pale skin. But here are some swatches:

Swatched directly to my skin


My Opinion
This is my go-to bronzer to contour cheekbones/jawline/temples when I want to add definition and structure to the face. If you want a natural tan look, think of where the sun would naturally hit you. The reason I love using this create a tan effect is because it contains no shimmer whatsoever. Most bronzers come with some sheen, which may not be as noticeable if you're indoors, but when you're out and the sun is hitting you, sparkle all over your face isn't always flattering. 

If you want to see me wearing it, click here

Have a lovely day, and thank you for reading! x

PS: I forgot to mention it comes with a little brush I don't use. I forgot to take a picture of it - but I find it best to apply it with my Real Techniques Contour Brush :)

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