Saturday, January 12, 2013

How I keep my Combination Skin at bay / Cómo controlo mi piel mixta

Combination skin can be a real pain. Oily T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) and normal/dry cheeks. I've sometimes found some dry/flaky patches on some areas on my skin, especially after washing my face with a cleanser for acne-prone skin. 

What works for me may not work for you, so bear that in mind. It's tricky to find the perfect equation for everyones' face. 

La piel mixta puede ser compleja y difícil de mantener equilibrada (aquella con frente/nariz/barbilla grasa, pómulos normales/secos). Suelo notar piel reseca en algunas áreas cuando me lavo el rostro con un limpiador para la piel con tendencia al acné, pero no me queda de otra porque me salen esos granitos de vez en cuando!

Lo que funciona para mi,  puede que no funcionar para ti. Es complicado conseguir la ecuación perfecta para el rostro de cada quien. 

I can immediately think of three rules to follow to keep your skin mattified, yet radiant looking. You don't want to absorb all of your natural oils. That will actually increase the production of sebum because your skin will try to compensate. 

Puedo inmediatamente pensar en tres reglas para mantener el rostro matificado, pero que a la vez se vea radiante. No busques absorber toda la grasa del rostro, ya que por naturaleza, sólo estarás incrementando la producción del sebo. 

1. Cleanse: wash your face with a gentle cleanser for combination or oily skin. On the picture above, I included a toner, because I will be talking about specific products that have been working for me. This is the Avene Purifying and Mattifying Toner from their Cleanance range. I apply this with a cotton pad  on my T-zone once a day, usually in the morning. It contains alcohol which can be be drying and is not recommended for sensitive skin. What I like about this particular toner though, is the fact that it contains oil-absorbing powders at the very bottom (you have to shake the bottle so both solutions mix). I find that using this prior to my moisturizer significantly reduces the amount of shine throughout the day.

1. Limpieza: limpia tu rostro con un producto para piel mixta o grasa. En la foto incluí un tónico de Avene de la linea Cleanance. Aplico esto en mis areas grasas con una mota/algodón, usualmente por la mañana antes de continuar con mi hidratante. Contiene alcohol, lo cual puede resecar la piel y no es recomendable si tienes sensibilidad. Lo que particularmente me gusta de este tónico es el hecho que tiene polvos absorbentes (por lo cual tienes que batir el producto antes de utilizarlo). He notado que usando este producto una vez al día reduce significativamente la grasa durante el dia. 

2. Moisturize: I know there is a lot out there in the market nowadays, and it can be tempting to try new things, but limit yourself to products designed specifically for combination/oily skin. My absolute favorite moisturizer (and I've tried A LOT) is the La Roche Posay Effaclar Mat Lotion. It is sebo-regulating and it also reduces the size of the pores. It really does both. Another plus? It works amazingly as a primer. 

If you don't moisturize your face because you're afraid that by putting anything on your face, it will just make it oily, your skin will automatically produce MORE oil. So, moisturize!

2. Hidrata: se que hay un montón de productos en el mercado y que la tentación puede invadir, pero trata de limitarte a utilizar productos específicamente para pieles mixtas/grasas. Mi hidratante favorito (y he utilizado MUCHOS) es la Effaclar Mat de La Roche Posay. No sólo regula el sebo, sino que tambien reduce el tamano de los poros. Para agregarle unos puntos extras, sirve también como un primer, y funciona excelente como tal.  

Si no hidratas tu piel por miedo a que si le echas algo, tu piel se pondrá mas grasa, sólo estarás haciendo que tu piel produzca MAS grasa. Se que es irónico. Así que hidrata!

3. Use a clay mask once or twice a week: Detox your face. Clay masks are great to deeply cleanse the skin and take all that junk out (spots, blackheads, whiteheads, oil, dirt). My two favorite are the Origins Clear Improvement mask and the Clarins Pure and Radiant Mask. Both differ - the Origins mask hardens, the Clarins one doesn't. But both are great. 

Make it a pampering day if you want to make it more exciting and to have something to look forward to in your skin regime. Your skin will thank you. 

3. Utiliza una mascarila de arcilla una o dos veces por semana: son geniales para limpiar la piel a profundidad (granitos, puntos negros, puntos blancos, grasa, sucio). Mis dos favoritas son la Clear Improvement de Origins y la Pure And Radiant Mask de Clarins. Las dos son distintas: la de Origins se endurece luego de unos minutos, la de Clarins no se seca. 

Puedes convertirlo en parte de tu rutina para que sea un poco mas emocionante. Tu piel te lo agradecerá. 

What are your favorite products to combat oiliness and spots?

Cuales son tus productos favoritos para mantener un aspecto matificante y reducir el acné? 


  1. yo uso la linea nivea visage son buenos??? a mi me funcionan de maravilla!!!

    1. No la he utilizado, pero gracias por mencionarla y avisarme de que es buena! ;)

  2. I lately discovered bioderma sebium range and it works for me. Washing gel,sebium toner and sebium
    Ai and akn that i use when i get pimples on my forehead I started also la roche posay effaclar gel and toner
    I just had to use two differents lotions for my t zone and my cheeks sometimes:)
    And i ll give a try to the effaclar mat and clarins mask thank u

    1. I LOVE the Effaclar range. It did wonders for my skin. I love the cleanser and how a little really goes a long way.

      As for Bioderma, I have tried the Sebium cleansing water and the exfoliator. I did see the AI and AKN at the drugstore, but didn't grab them because I currently use the Effaclar Duo for breakouts... it's great to know that they work for you. Thank you so much for sharing!

    2. I wanted to use Effaclar duo for my breakouts bot I was told that it could be too heavy and make them worst at the begining so I did not touch it. Can you use it as a regular skin care or moisturizer? I use AKN and AI instead as a moisturizer when ı have breakouts

    3. Sorry, I accidentally deleted your question! Here is my response though:
      There are two formulations of the Effaclar Duo – a European one and one made in the US. I have the European version which is the original duo and it is safe to use all over the face. The US version contains benzoyl peroxide as one of its main ingredients, as opposed to the European version, so I don’t know if that one is meant as a spot treatment, or an all over the face treatment.

      This is a chemical exfoliant, so minor redness or a tingling sensation is normal. As any other acne treatment, it can burn if you over-apply (which happened to me, ouch!) When I began using it, I applied it every other night until my skin became accustomed. Once I knew my skin was tough enough, I began applying it every night.

      It has done wonders for my skin, as it keeps bacteria and sebum away. I wouldn’t use it under makeup, as it creates a thin film which can peel if you rub it. Therefore, I use it at night prior to my moisturizer if my spots are really bad and over moisturizer as a preventative treatment.

      I have used it for over two years and I haven’t had any problems other than the fact that I once over-applied and it burned my skin… It really does a good job at keeping my spots away, doesn’t do much in my opinion for blackheads.

      My sister has been using it for months, and like me, she has combination skin. She hasn’t had any problems with it – not even irritation. She uses it only at night as well under her moisturizer.

      I hope this helps! xoxo

    4. Thank you so much Patricia to take your time. That s what i do with my biodermas i use trm as a preventif cure on my t zone and akn it s much stronger than ai and makes spots dissappear quickly this is very helpful thank u

  3. Your blog is lovely! Im following you..

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback! Subscribing to yours :) xx