Sunday, January 6, 2013

REN No.1 Purity Cleansing Balm

Hello everybody!

I want to share with you my excitement of trying out a new product. I heard about it on YouTube the first time, and then started reading about it and really wanted to try it out.

It is the REN No.1 Purity Cleansing Balm. If you're interested in learning about this product, continue reading!

REN No.1 Purity Cleansing Balm is formulated for all skin types and is strong enough to remove waterproof makeup. It is a rose-infused cleansing balm which you massage onto your face and neck for one-two minutes, then add a little bit of warm water to turn it into a rich milk. Along with the product, you get a muslin cloth, which you're supposed to dampen to remove the dirt/oil/makeup. 

Having said that, you may have figured out this product isn't for you if you're impatient. But one thing I have noticed recently in my skincare routine is that by taking my time to thoroughly cleanse, I get fewer blemishes. FYI, I have combination acne-prone skin. I've mentioned before how I live in a very tropical place which really has no seasons. It is constantly hot and ridiculously humid, and that doesn't help my already-combination-skin. I've been in other places during winter where it's -10 degrees out and my skin was definitely dry then. 

In desperation to get rid of some painful hormonal cystic acne I had been getting on my forehead and chin, I decided to try the Avene Cleanance range, and even though it effectively got rid of my blemishes, there were two things that I disliked: my skin felt dry and tight after cleansing, and the toner from the range contains alcohol as one of its main ingredients. 

So this is how I came across the REN Cleansing Balm, as it obviously does not foam up and does not contain harsh ingredients. I was worried that my current cleansing products were actually stripping off my natural oils, therefore producing more to compensate. 

I'm going to show you some pictures and give you my first impression. I will wait a couple of months to give you a proper review on the effectiveness of the product. 

As you can see, this cleansing balm is loaded with natural oils and doesn't contain a lot of nastiness that most cleansing products have.

First Impression
I grabbed a little bit on my finger and warmed it up on the palms of my hands. The balm turned into an oil as soon as I started massaging it onto my face and neck. I did this for about two minutes, which honestly, I enjoyed. The smell of roses isn't too strong. In fact, it was really relaxing. Once I added some warm water, the consistency turned milky.

Even though this comes with a muslin cloth, I removed the product with water and then by gently tapping my skin with a clean towel. I had no makeup on, so I wasn't concerned about exfoliating my face with a cloth.

WOW. The results were immediate in terms of plumpness and softness. My skin did not feel tight at all. It felt moisturized and ridiculously smooth. I took a picture where it's clear to see how happy I was. I honestly wanted to touch my face over and over.

I finished off my regime with a serum and moisturizer.

Overall, I was impressed with the first use, and I am excited to share what happens with this product. I am considering sticking with this at night, and using my Avene cleanser during the morning. I usually wake up feeling too lazy to cleanse my skin for two minutes. I also find that using the REN cleansing balm relaxes me, which is great for nighttime.

Another thing to share with you, is that I wear contact lenses due to my high myopia. I remove them at night after cleansing. I had already read on many blogs that even though this product is also meant to use on the eyes to remove makeup, it's not advisable - it stings! I never get cleansers near my eyes anyway because they're really sensitivite. To remove my eye makeup - even waterproof - I use my all-time favorite Bioderma Micelle Solution as it is the most gentle thing out there that I've found.

I'm off to bed now. Have a great day/night! x

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