Monday, March 25, 2013

My Blogging Experience: Trial and Error

If you're new to my blog, I am a self-taught makeup lover who compulsively shops. How does that benefit you? I blog about what I buy and what I think is worth checking out. I also warn people about what to avoid. I believe the blogging world is a great place not just to meet people whom you share common interests with, but also a place that can save you time and save you money. 

Onto the purpose of this post:
The reason why I included a short introduction was to admit that I have no blogging or design experience whatsoever. Therefore, the terms HTML and CCS seem rare to me and instantly produce Myspace memories. 

My blog was undergoing an existential crisis for weeks. I opened this blog not having great expectations, but I developed a passion for helping others, reading helpful posts and meeting inspiring women. 

I felt experimental today and decided to mess around with "Blog Templates" - and this is where the trial and error really began. 

I found some "minimalist" template online and I had no idea what I was doing when I went to my blogger settings. Which leads me to my very first piece of advice:

If you're going to change your blog's layout, make sure you back-up your current layout in case the next one is a total disaster.

I did not save my previous template, which I wasn't completely in love with, but it was much better than the chaotic layout that suddenly popped on my screen. 

I panicked, but breathed, and said to myself I could fix it. But I started getting worried when I was unable to move things around on the Layout settings due to the template's HTML code. 

I have three people to thank: Her blog is clean, her writing is rich and her content is entertaining. This lovely half-Puerto Rican, half-Venezuelan beauty quickly offered me help despite she was travelling. A newbie to the Blogger who is a dear close friend of mine. Despite also lacking Blogger knowledge, she listened to me and gave me advice. I randomly found their website a few days ago and e-mailed them as soon as my problem began. I got an e-mail response about an hour later from Sarah, who was kind enough to talk to me about CCS and offered diverse solutions and a lot of guidance. (Thanks again, Sarah!) Sarah and Lyndsay opened this blog to help other bloggers despite their topics. A fantastic place to learn and find cute decorations for your blog. 

Thanks to Sarah's enthusiasm, I turned on my laptop and gave life to my blog once again. It looks different than it did before, but it is a lot more me - simple. I wanted the font to be easy to read and I didn't want my blog to look or feel cluttered

My last tips to all of you:
  • Always save your work.
  • Don't trust everything you find online.
  • Read carefully about something before doing it. 
  • If you're still confused after reading online, ask someone for help. 

Have a good night everyone, and a lovely morning to my followers on the other side of the world. Much love. 

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