Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How To Get Glowing Skin Without Makeup

I've always been drawn to glowing skin, and I've come across a wide range of products that claim to brighten, but not all have been successful. 

Now that I have found a regimen that works for me, I want to share it with you. These are products I have been using for over four months, so I can say with confidence that they work. I have noticed major improvement in my skin - it is more even, it is smoother and it is brighter. 

If you're interested, keep reading. 

From left to right: Yves Rocher Fresh Mask With Lemon Zest (Top), Ole Henriksen Truth Creme, Clarins Gentle Exfoliator , Origins Clear Improvement (Back), Philosophy Turbo Booster C Powder, Philosophy When Hope Is Not Enough (Top), Andalou Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask, Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment

There are three main things I personally think are essential in order to having glowing skin: exfoliate to get rid of dead cells, which cause dullness, get rid of the junk inside the pores by using clarifying masks and moisturize properly. 

Rule # 1: Exfoliate 

I've talked before about the importance of exfoliating your skin in order to get rid of the dullness. My two current favorite exfoliators are both chemical. If you don't know the difference between a mechanical and a chemical exfoliator, click here.  

The Clarins Gentle Exfoliator is a fluid you pour on a cotton pad and smooth it over your face and neck after cleansing. You wait a minute, then you continue with your regular night regimen. It contains tamarind fruit acids which eliminate impurities and dead skin cells while stimulating cell renewal. It also contains white nettle extract which tightens pores. I personally use this about two times a week, but if you're a newbie to exfoliators, I would suggest starting out once every week or every two weeks and see how your skin reacts. 

Andalou is an American organic company which can be found at Whole Foods. I have reviewed the Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask here. I use this mask once a week when I don't use the one by Clarins.

The effects of the Clarins Gentle Exfoliator are more gradual, whereas you can immediately see the brightening effects of glycolic acid after using the Andalou mask. 

Rule #2: Face Masks

In order for your skin to look healthy, it has to be clean. Not squeaky-clean to the point where all of your natural oils are stripped, but you should use a clay mask every week to remove all of the gunk. I love using my Origins Clear Improvement Mask. Active charcoal is one of its main ingredients. Why is that great? It absorbs 100- to 200-times its weight in impurities. It also contains White China Clay which is one of the most gentle and effective clays out there. It gets rid of excess oil and dirt, pollutants and other materials that can clog the pores. This mask has a thick texture and feels cool when you first apply it on your skin. It does tingle a bit (which means it's working!) but the feeling subsides after a couple of minutes as it hardens. 

The Yves Rocher Fresh Mask is a quickie - you only have to leave it on for three minutes. I find it very refreshing to put on because it has a gel texture. It's rich in lemon zest, which is known for its purifying properties. 

Rule # 3: Moisturize

Skin can sometimes be a thirsty desert. Even if you have oily skin, you still need to moisturize it. Find products for your specific skin type.

I absolutely adore this combo and give it the most credit for the brightness and overall health of my skin. Both are by Philosophy. When Hope Is Not Enough is a serum that has everything good for your skin you can think of. Here are a few of its ingredients:

- Combination of Vitamin C and E: Brighten the skin and help protect against environmental attacks. 
- Glutathione: Offers antioxidant power and supports the function of Vitamincs C and E to protect the skin against environmental damage.
- Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3: Helps with skin's elasticity and firmness.
- Sodium Hyaluronate: Hydrates and soothes the skin.
- Chaparral Extract: Helps reduce excess hair growth. 

This is truly a fantastic product. I love the firming effect, and the results have been fantastic. It feels sticky at first, especially when you mix it with the Vitamin C powder, but the feeling goes away after a minute. I will be re-purchasing this bottle once I run out. 

It's even more brightening when paired with the Turbo Booster C Powder, which is Vitamin C in the form of powder and you can mix it with any serum or moisturizer to immediately turn it into a powerful anti-aging product. I've thoroughly reviewed it here, where you can also find the benefits of Vitamin C for your skin. The powder does not leave a white residue - it dissolves with the product you mix it with. 

Ole Henriksen's Truth Creme is another goodie. First of all, I love the scent. It smells like oranges - is it so refreshing. It is a lightweight moisturizer and it is absorbed immediately by the skin. Aside from being rich in Vitamin C, it also has Multi-Fruit Extracts which facilitate healthy cell turnover, and Tri-Peptide 5 which stimulates collagen, thus, it helps eliminate fine lines and wrinkles while preventing new ones from forming. 

The Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment is another one of my favorites and I have already written an extensive review here, where you can also find information on how to choose from all three of Clarins' face oils. 

This oil is luxurious and trust me when I say this: a little goes a long way. You only need a couple of drops. Your skin will be plump after using this.

Final Thoughts
Remember every skin is different, so what works for me may not work for you. But after trying many different things to help my acne scars fade and make my skin tone more even, these are the products I genuinely reach out for the most. Remember to always use sunscreen every single day. Most chemical exfoliators contains AHA's, which make the skin much more sensitive to sunburns. Regardless of what you use, never skip your SPF. I hope you found this post informative and useful. 

Which are your favorite products for glowing skin?


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