Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wet N Wild Comfort Zone Review

Hi guys!

I'm very excited to review "Comfort Zone" by Wet N Wild today. I love finding affordable products that are excellent quality. I've raved about Wet N Wild eyeshadows before. They all seem to have the same texture and color pay off-- they're buttery, silky, easy to blend and highly pigmented. I have not yet experienced any fall-out when applying them on my lids. I can automatically count in my head several high-end brands that do not perform as well as these. 

If you're interested in this review, continue reading!

Before I begin this review, I just wanted to give you a heads up that my pictures will be watermarked from now on. I had never experienced "photo robbery" before, at least not that I know of. I was randomly browsing a local esthetician's Instagram page last night, when I suddenly saw a picture of a product I had purchased that I had taken and used in my blog and the lady didn't even mention me nor ask me if she could use the picture. I didn't say anything about it directly on her page, but I just think that what she did was lame, disrespectful and unprofessional. I know this happens to thousands or even millions of people everyday, but we (bloggers) take our own personal time to try to give you (readers) the best that we can, and photos should never, ever be stolen

Excuse me, I had to vent.

Moving on to the review. For just $4 you get eight pigmented eyeshadows. They're organized in two columns; four shadow on each side which compliment each other, but really, you can mix the colors in both columns. Each shadow is labeled so you know where they're meant to go, but remember, there are no rules in makeup, so have fun!

Column #1
Column #1
Column #1
Shade #1 features a beautiful frosty white. It looks yellow on the pan, but as you can see, it doesn't look very yellow when swatched. 

Shade #2 is a champagne shade with pink undertones. 

Shade #3 is a frosty bronzy/brown.

Shade #4 is a dark brown with tiny flecks that to me, look like Shade #2. Beautiful!

I posted a picture using these colors a few days ago

Column #2
Column #2
Column #2
Shade #1 reminds me of a lighter version of Gumental by Urban Decay. It looks like a standard gray on the pan, but when swatched, it looks a little white because it has a frosty finish. 

Shade #2 is a frosty olive.

Shade #3 is a black with golden flecks.

Shade #4 is my absolutely amazing-- it's my favorite shade out of the entire palette. It looks different depending on the lighting and which angle you look at it from. As you can see in the picture, it kind of looks like a light brown with red undertones below, and with turquoise sheen above. I took more pictures of it so you can all see how multidimensional it can be. 

I think it's such a rare shade to find at the drugstore, which is why it's my absolute favorite out of the entire palette. 

Overall, this palette is fantastic, worth the hype and a must-have. 

Do you own any Wet N Wild Palettes or eyeshadows? Which are your favorite?


  1. I love this palette!!!! Good duo chromes are so hard to find at the drugsore. By the way I got the coconut hair cream in the mail! I'm excited to try it xx

    1. Exactly!! Ahh! I use the Coconut hair cream every single time I wash my hair. Remember to just use a wee-bit. Like a drop (I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but it's thick) on each side of the hair. My sister got it shortly before I did and she didn't believe me and used way too much and her hair ended up looking greasy. Just work with it until you find the amount that works for you. It's a great product tho, I hope that you like it as much as I do. xx

  2. My gosh, my mom got this palette and the first time i swatched the shade #4, definer I almost DIE !!! OMG, I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * freaks out*

  3. This is a great palette from Wet n Wild. I think they do a really great job considering the price!! Petal Pusher is another great palette!