Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It's Time to Throw Them Away

I decided to really "clean up" today and get rid of the stuff I don't really need, and when you're a beauty junkie, you've got plenty. In the process, I found these products which I had to get rid of. Two mascaras and a gel liner. Mascaras need to be tossed after three months, anyway. They become bacteria central pretty fast (Sorry, all of you OCD readers, but it's true).

So what do I think of these?

The Bourjois Ultra Black Volumizer Mascara was actually pretty good. This two-step mascara does the job without making the lashes feel gritty or heavy. Step #1 claims to define and add volume. I find that it gives the lashes a very subtle, natural finish. Step #2 is optional, and it claims to give "11x more volume and no clumps guaranteed." (Why "11"? Why not 13 or 17?) I don't know, these claims always leave me dubious. As to the "11x" increase in volume, well, I can't say an exact number, but it does add volume. It makes the lashes appear thicker and darker, but not in a WOW way. 

Benefit They Real! Mascara is, in my opinion, over-hyped. It's one of those products you either love or hate. I don't hate it, necessarily, I just thought it performed OK. But man, it's a pain to clean this off the lashes. Bioderma, cleansing oils... try all you want, but it's just a pain. It makes the lashes feel "thick", not in a good way. 

If I had to decide between the two, I'd go for the one by Bourjois.

The next product I threw away was my Mac Blacktrack Fluidline. It was OK, but it's definitely not the blackest black out there, and I found that it dried too quickly.

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts? 

PS: Now is a good time to throw away those +3 month-old mascaras. 

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  1. benefit they're real does not work on me is indeed overhyped..