Monday, April 13, 2015

Tony Moly Panda's Dream So Cool Eye Stick Review

Korean skincare is something I have been highly interested in this year. Aside from that, I love anything "cooling" or "minty", so when I saw this on the Sephora website for only $10, I knew I needed it. Unfortunately, it was out of stock for a long time, went back in stock and then went out of stock again a couple days later. I remembered Urban Outfitters carries Tony Moly and a few other Korean brands, so I went to the mall to snag this little cutie!

Something I noticed upon application is that even though there is a "cooling" feeling, it isn't as minty as Boscia's Super Cool De-Puffing Eye Balm. Tony Moly's So Cool Eye Stick (0.32oz) is also creamier in texture. I like to dab a little bit under each eye and then massage the excess with my ring finger. I find it very refreshing to use and it has a slight tightening effect, which makes this an excellent product for the morning-time or anytime you're feeling tired. 

I do appreciate great ingredients, and Korean brands are definitely known for having great ingredients at an affordable price. Panda's Dream So Cool Eye Stick contains a blend of hydrating and firming agents such:
  • Niacinamide: this is a great anti-aging ingredient. It's known to increase ceramide and fatty acids levels in skin, stimulates microcirculation and prevents water-loss.  
  • Adenosine: Anti-inflammatory.
  • Bamboo Extract: nourishes and hydrates the skin. 
Something I have noticed is after it dries, it can leave a film, so if I ever so slightly rub the area where I've applied it, it can "peel" a bit. This is just something to keep in mind, but it doesn't bother me. I would use other eye products prior to makeup application and would never rely on something that "peels." Something else to keep in mind is that these little tubes go by fast, and they can be addictive to apply -- just a heads up!

Regardless, for 10 bucks, this is a GREAT, affordable buy!

Have you tried anything else from Tony Moly that you like? If so, do share!


  1. You made me interested sis... I will ask Julien to pick up a tube next time he goes to the States!
    I went to an event for a Korean brand last year, they have great products at affordable prices indeed! I'm using a face SPF I'm loving at the moment!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Sis! It's a bargain for $10. I got unlucky with two other products that broke me out which I will talk about in the future. Which Korean SPF are you using and loving?? Xoxo!

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  3. The packaging is so cute!. The oriental beauty products have a really nice packaging, and great ingredients in general.... I cant get this kind of products in my country, in Argentina....the importation of some products is really hard... (No sé si se dice asi! pero en mi pais, Argentina no se consiguen estos productos por problemas de importacion. :/) I wish tha one day i ll buy some of this products! XOXO

    1. Te entendi perfectamente! Y entiendo tu situacion. Por suerte no es un producto edicion limitada! Espero que algun dia puedas obtenerlo capaz a traves de alguien que viaje para aca. Un beso!

  4. Q verguenza! yo escribiendo en ingles XD... Espero q mi comentario mitad ingles, mitad español se entienda ...SAludos desde Argentina!