Thursday, September 3, 2015

Rahua Finishing Treatment

I discovered Rahua at Space NK. The SA kindly gave me three foil samples of the Finishing Treatment. I was very intrigued to try it as I'm always in the hunt for good hair products for curly hair, but I also did not have high expectations because finding great products for curly hair is very hard. Curls look pretty, but many people don't know that they require a lot of maintenance

The first time I tried it, I used too much (about a quarter size). My hair was greasy and weighed down. The second time I used a smaller amount (about a dime size), and I was so impressed, I even uploaded a picture on Instagram to rave about my first impressions. My hair was so soft, glossy and manageable. There was bounce to it the second and third day, and I did not feel any residue. And that is what I love about it. 

Many products for curly hair contain silicones, which provide "smoothness" but more like a "fake" type smoothness. It just coats the hair. Similar to when you apply silicones onto the skin. If you've used haircare products with silicones in them (most of them have them), then you know what I mean when I talk about build-up. Some people (like myself) like to use a clarifying shampoo once a week to get rid of it. The "residue" from silicones feels a bit greasy if you run your fingers through your hair - even on day two and day three.  

So after trying several samples of Rahua's Finishing Treatment, I decided to buy the full-size. Lots of people said it was expensive, and I agree (the jar is $45 and contains 60ml of product). But a) you need such a small amount, I'm predicting my jar will last me 6+ months, and I have long, medium-thick hair. You're also paying for the ingredients and the quality. 


I apply the Finishing Treatment to wet hair using my fingers. I focus on the mid-shaft to ends. Something I have noticed is that when I use this product, my hair takes a bit longer to air dry, but I don't mind. The fact that it makes my hair feel extremely soft, adds a glossy finish while gently defining my curls, does not leave a residue, adds bounce and manageability (even after a couple of days) makes this an A+ product for me. 

And vegans may rejoice. This product is vegan and cruelty-free. 

You can find it on SpaceNK or directly from Rahua's website

If you are curious to try it first, I'd recommend stopping by your local SpaceNK and ask for a foil sample or two.

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