Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Face Mask for Combination to Oily Skin

Face masks are essential to a beautiful complexion. I personally dislike muddy-smelling masks that harden on your face.

On my search for a natural and effective mask, I went of course, to one of my favorite skin-care products.

Take a peak!

Ah, Clarins, you never fail to disappoint me. The Clarins Pure and Radiant Mask with Pink Clay is a deep purifying mask that leaves you with a matte-finish in 5-10 minutes. Not only does this smell like roses, it doesn't harden on your face. The mask just sucks everything out of your pores and gives you a radiant finish once you've rinsed it off.

Take a look at the product:

So what are the principal ingredients in this mask and what do they claim to do?

  • Pink Clay and Tanaka Powder: absorb impurities and excess oils, removes dead cells. 
  • Linden Extract: softens and comforts irritated skin. 
  • Alpine Willow Herb, Zinc and Vitamin B6: regulate sebum production, tighten pores.
  • Palm and Coconut Oils: comfort.

I usually exfoliate my face so the product has better penetration. Once I'm done with that, I make sure my face is dry and I layer the mask all over my face and neck. I usually let it sit for 10 minutes, and ta-dah!

Unlike regular clay masks that can be a pain in butt to remove, this one is a breeze to remove because it doesn't harden. Make sure you use cold water to remove the mask and dampen a cotton ball with toner to remove any residues, if you desire. 

So as you can see to your right, this is basically what the product looks like when it comes out of the tube. Light pink substance - not thick at all, very easy to spread. 

Now on the left, you can see what the product looks like once you've spread it. It goes somewhat transparent.

It has a very rich texture. It almost feels moisturizing, not drying at all. 

Unlike masks that tend to leave the skin feeling tight after rinsing, this one makes your skin feel plump - it doesn't strip your skin's natural oils. So yes, it looks radiant! Pores are shrunk in size and the skin just looks...healthy. 

Overall, this is a fantastic mask for combination/oily skin. I use it 2-3 times a week. It's a nice little way to pamper yourself!

Thank you, Clarins. (sigh)

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