Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dior Crème de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm Review

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know the Dior Creme de Rose Lip Balm made it to my Top 2012 Beauty Products - and I only had a few.

I normally wouldn't purchase a Dior "lip balm", but I'm always hunting for the perfect lip balm. I have a bad habit of biting my lips, so they tend to get dry and chapped easily.

I absolutely love everything about this - its rosy scent, smooth texture and amazing results.  Definitely the best lip product I've used. It's more of a treatment and it makes my lips feel luscious and soft.

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Packed with a good 7.2g of product, Dior Creme de Rose deeply nourishes and protects the lips with SPF 10. It contains Rose Essential Oil, Vitamin A and E and Shea Butter.

It can be used by itself, under a lipstick (makes matte applications a dream), or as a night treatment.
I love using it all three ways. Use it at night and you'll wake up with the softest lips you've ever had!

Texture: creamy
Scent: roses
Finish: glossy, non-sticky, smooth

I have been using this lip balm for four months straight and I'm nowhere near running out. I have noticed mayor improvement in the texture of my lips. They tended to feel dry and would sometimes crack due to biting my lips (Hello, anxiety!) and now they feel moisturized and smooth.

You might have been asking...what about the "plumping" part? I honestly don't feel like this "plumps" my lips in any way, but I can't complain. I am extremely satisfied with the overall results and I classify this as my favorite lip balm. I will be re-purchasing this as soon as I run out. Well done, Dior!