Thursday, January 10, 2013

Face of the Day (10.01.13): 5 Essentials for a More Awake Face

Happy Thursday everyone!
I hope everyone is having a lovely day. Today's post (as I eat M&M's out of a bowl, piggy me) is about using very few products to achieve a "more awake look" in little time. 

I overslept because of yesterday's hardcore yoga and pilates class. My body was extremely sore when I woke up and my mom was rushing me to get ready so we could have lunch with my sister.

With little enthusiasm to get ready - do my hair, all that kind of stuff, I pulled up my frizzy-bed-head-hair onto a ponytail and grabbed my five essentials for a more "awake" look.

So hopefully this post will give you some ideas on what to grab if you're feeling slow and achy in the morning. Fuss-free makeup.

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What You Need
1. Base: this can be a tinted moisturizer, bb cream or foundation. If you're in a rush, I recommend going for either of the first two. I went with my Dior BB Cream because I can easily and quickly apply it with my fingers. It covers and conceals redness, evens out my skintone and creates a healthy glow.

2. Concealer: cover up any blemishes or acne scars along with dark circles. Make sure your under-eye concealer is a shade or two lighter than your skin tone to brighten up that area. If you're applying concealer to any other parts of your face, it should match your skintone. Otherwise, you'll only be emphasizing and highlighting those areas you're trying to hide. Pointless. Since the Dior BB cream has excellent coverage, I only needed to conceal my under eye area using my Mac Studio Finish Concealer.

3. Blush: it instantly gives your skin a radiant finish. A rosy toned blush can easily make you look fresh and awake. I used my Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in the shade "Blissful" - a matte soft pink. 

4. Mascara: instantly open your eyes with a coat or two of your favorite mascara. I chose a lengthening one - Lancome Hypnose Mascara in Black.

5. Lipstick: using a bright shade on your lips will transform a dull face in seconds. I chose a pink shade to match my blush - Bourjois lipstick in the shade 47 Rose Pare.

Who is daring enough to take a picture of themselves first thing when they wake up, with puffy eyes and on a bad-hair day? ME!

Here is the before and after using the products mentioned above:

Before: proof I don't have "perfect" skin. I have bags, dark circles, redness, acne scars and uneven skintone.

After: ready in 5 minutes using the products mentioned above.

Have a wonderful day! x


  1. you're beautiful with or without make up!

  2. this is so good, me quiero comprar el Dior BB Cream!!

    1. Viene en un solo tono pero a ti te quedaria suuuuper porque tambien eres yellow-toned!!! Te va a ENCANTAR. Reemplazara tu base (y es mil veces mejor para tu piel que una base)