Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sally Hansen Thicken Up! Review

Luckily, I was blessed with thick, hard nails thanks to my mom. I never really had issues with my nails til about five months ago - when suddenly my nails were becoming brittle and would chip easily - especially the corners.

I went to my local drugstore in search of my loyal-nail-brand Sally Hansen. She has a gazzillion amount of nail products and I haven't found something from her that I dislike. Thicken Up! was no exception. It brought back life to my weak nails.

What is it?
A nail hardener treatment.

What is the texture like?

It's good to know that...
- It's rich in protein and retinol.

How do you use it?
- As a treatment: apply 1-2 coats to bare nails and re-apply ever 3-4 days. Remove all coats after seven days.
- Can also be worn as a base coat. 

Who would like this?
- Anyone with brittle nails.

My thoughts?
Love this. My nails are growing back healthy and thicker. 

The Results

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  1. Me encanto pat! tus uñas se ven super fuertes... las mias no lo son :(