Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Savior For Wavy or Curly Hair

If you have wavy or curly hair, I feel you. We don't have the luxury of jumping out of the shower and not putting anything on our hair. Our hair needs maintenance - whether it's adding a serum, a leaving in conditioner or styling lotion/gel, depending on the hair's texture. 

My hair is neither thin nor thick. It's kind of in between. For many months, I had stuck to a simple combo: The Kerastase Elixir Ultime - which is a serum with...silicones, and the L'oreal Paris Ever Pure Moisture Leave-In Conditioner with Rosemary Mint. I would add a pump of the Elixir Ultime from mid-shaft to ends and then I would use half a pump of the L'oreal leave in conditioner to "scrunch" my curls. The finish would be soft curls, but they could get a bit crunchy if you add too much of the leave in conditioner - which is actually a light gel. 

If you happen to live in the US or you're visiting soon, you should check this product out at Whole Foods. 

What is it?
Desert Essence Coconut Soft Curls Hair Cream: A moisturizing leave-in conditioner which nourishes and strengthens wavy or curly hair while adding soft definition.

What is the texture like?

How do you use it?
Apply on damp or dry hair. I usually comb my hair, and add a pea-sized amount to half of my hair and then another pea-sized amount to the other half of my hair (while wet). 

Who would like this?
Women who have wavy or curly hair and would like something lightweight, yet anti-frizzing and texturizing. 

It's good to know that...
- It's 100% Vegan
- It's rich in coconut oil, aloe vera, vitamin E, Vitamin B5, Black Oat, Nopal Extract and many other plant extracts that nourish, smoothen and strengthen the hair. 
- Wheat, Gluten and Silicone-Free
- A little bit goes a long way
- It smells like coconut... yum!

My Personal Opinion
This has replaced my old combo. I now jump out of the shower and just use this to style my hair. Today was the ultimate test: it was my sister's birthday and we walked about a mile and a half with Florida humidity while my hair was wet (one of my biggest pet peeves). I was very impressed at how my locks dried soft and frizz-free (no crunchiness or wet looking hair). Love it, and strongly recommend it. 

Do you have wavy or curly hair? What are your favorite products? 


  1. I think you mentioned on instagram that you got this in Whole Foods? Right? Si es asi pues... :( que pena! Estaba de viaje hace poco y fui a Whole Foods varias veces. En PR no hay Whole Foods asi que no lo podria comprar. Aunque debe estar en eBay o Amazon. Suena perfecto porque mi cabello es ondulado y frizzy y nunca salgo sin pasarle plancha o hacerle algo.

    1. Hola carino! Si, lo consegui en Whole Foods. Lo puedes comprar directamente de su website

      Cualquier dificultad, avisame y yo te lo compro y te lo llevo.

      Y trata de no pasarte plancha! Dana mucho el cabello.. se que es dificil mantenerlo en control, creeme, por eso cuando consigo algo bueno para el cabello de nuestro tipo, corro la voz! x

    2. Acabo de ordenar uno! :) Gracias por los links!

      Ya no me la paso tanto, tal vez cada 2 semanas, pero antes era... diario!! :/

    3. A tu orden! Se que te encantara. Mi hermana se lo compro ayer despues de verme... El olor es adictivo, y es 100% natural.

      bueno, por lo menos ya no te lo pasas diario. El truco es encontrar un producto que te funcione para los rulos, lo cual es dificil. Besos!

  2. Hi Pat!

    My hair is straight but I just wanted to say hi! LOL!
    It's always cool to find natural alternatives to our holy grail products! I love the coconut scent... feels like holidays!
    Happy birthday to your sister! Gros bisous!

    1. Hello my dear! You're so sweet as always! I'm sending you a huge virtual hug! Thanks for your unconditional support.