Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Be Kind To One Another

I'm downstairs at my condo's recreation room where I get online at night to blog... but I wanted to share a message with all of you.

Excuse my tired appearance. I've had my makeup on for 11 hours with no touch ups. Also, this video was recorded with my laptop. Hence the crappy quality + lagging. 


  1. Hello sister from another motherrrrrrr!!!

    Amen to your message... The world needs more people like you Pat, seriously!
    I'm also a firm believer that happiness is contagious... "Tall oaks from little acorns grow" like they say!
    Small things can change someone's day. That's how I've been raised and how I raise my kid.
    I hope somebody made your day too... ;-)
    Gros bisous! :-)

    1. Hello my dear sister!!! Thank you... you are raising your kid wonderfully I'm sure. He is lucky to have a mother like you.

      Ironic enough, today wasn't such a good day for me. But I think you have just made my day. You always make me smile. Thank you so much. Kisses!

  2. I'm so happy to know someone like you! Lovely message you shared in your video. I wish to share it with my friends I think they need to watch and learn something from it. :/

    Thanks once again for making and uploading this video.
    Alison Clarke
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