Thursday, April 25, 2013

Duty Free Lovin': Givenchy Travel Exclusive

Hi dolls! I'm home and it feels great to be back!

One of my favorite things about travelling is checking out Duty Free goodies. There are always tons of exclusive travel collections. If you ever happen to be at the Miami International Airport near gate D20, check out their Duty Free. It is ahhhh-mazing. You'll find high-end brands like Chanel, Dior, Guerlain, Givenchy, La Praire, Sisley, and drugstore brands like Revlon and L'oreal. There is something for everyone. As I said before, Duty Frees have exclusive makeup "travel" collections.

I went for this lovely Givenchy "Givenchy Le-Makeup Must-Haves". I apologize in advance for the crappy lighting. I will take proper pictures during day-light and swatch the entire palette for you soon.

The palette is sturdy yet lightweight. Very travel friendly, I would say.

I think the value is pretty good, considering this palette cost me $50 and it comes with: a blush (3g), a face powder (8g), two lipsticks (2 x 1g: dark rose, pink), four eyeshadows (4 x 0.9g: sparkly black, lilac, soft brown and a shimmery white), a black kohl pencil (0.21g) and two applicators (blush and eyeshadow).

I did get to swatch these at the Duty Free, otherwise I wouldn't have bought it. The pigmentation convinced me. Again, I will swatch these for you during daylight. 

I'm very excited to be back and to catch up with all of your blogs. Much love to everyone! XOXO

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