Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Inglot Palette Swatches

Hi my loves! I spoke about my Inglot experience last night, and I asked you if you wanted swatches (which I figured you'd want to see but I wanted to ask first just to make sure). So today's post will be about...the Inglot swatches! 

If you're interested in seeing them, please continue reading.

I picked the 10-Eye Shadow Square Palette using Iglot's "Freedom Style". Basically, it's like being a kid at a candy store and receiving a bag to throw in anything you want. 

You get a magnetic board at the store and you get to swatch all of their colors, pick the ones that you like and put them on your magnetic board. You get to be really creative here. The hard part? Choosing the colors! They have SO many! 

I was looking for bright, highly-pigmented shades. I was also looking for "unique" shades that I didn't already have. There were some beautiful light, neutral colors, but I wanted something different. 


The Packaging feels solid. The lid is magnetic. It's a bit heavy, which I personally like, because it feels strong, not cheap. I would say this is a portable palette, perfect for anyone or make-up artists, because they have bigger palettes and you get to chose the colors you want. 

Onto the shades!

Palette on the shade

Palette with direct sunlight hitting it
Unfortunately, the shades don't have names, they are all numbered, but I wrote down each number on my blogging journal before putting them on the palette. Hey, I really think about you guys!

First row from left to right: 25 (gold shade), Matte 315 (matte blue), 366 (matte pink), 60 (glittery yellow), 335 (brown with red undertones). Same order on the swatches underneath.

First Row

Second row from left to right: 331 (matte green), 607 (shimmery rose), 327 (matte brown), Matte 372, 50 (glittery pink, but for some reason, the camera did not catch the beautiful golden shimmer)

Second Row

The pigmentation of these is pretty awesome. The texture of the shades can vary. I swatched many at the store because I wanted ones with little fall-out and that were not sheer. All of the ones I got are super buttery, easy to blend and long-lasting.

My Final Thoughts
I am in love with my palette. Also with the store and the brand itself. I recommends these to everyone - whether you're a beginner or a pro. A+

Do you own any Inglot shadows? Which are your favorite?


  1. Me encanta inglot, tenemos dos locales acá en buenos aires y las mujeres se vuelven locas! Que lindas que son las sombras mate, me encantan :)

    1. Gracias Flo! Que Suerte que tienen Inglot! Es fascinante eh?!