Monday, May 13, 2013

Tried, Tested, Returned

I find these posts helpful because you get to read someone else's criticism on a product you have seen or heard of. I tried a variety of products while I was in the US and these were some that just didn't quite do it for me. I'll be using the same pictures I used when I first wrote about these products on my blog. 

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask 

Not necessarily a "bad" product, in my opinion, but I was looking for something with a little more "umph!", if that makes sense. Something a little stronger. This mask has a thick consistency and it is completely black in color. You're supposed to leave it on for 10-15 minutes until it dries, then you peel it off. I was told that some people felt discomfort at the "peeling" stage. I didn't. But it kind of feels like a lighter version of waxing. Though it wasn't a painful experience for me, I know it was to some. So if you have ultra-sensitive skin, I wouldn't recommend this to you. Why did I return it? After using it four about four times, I didn't notice any major improvement, and I exchanged it for a stronger one.  

Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel
I had previously used this on a 500-perk Sephora kit I got last year, and I liked it at the time. This time I was looking for a cleanser that would lather when using it with my Clarisonic, so I grabbed it. I noticed it was drying out my skin-- it would feel too tight afterwards and my skin became dehydrated as days went by. I started getting dry patches on my chin and my skin was looking dull, despite the fact that this is an exfoliating cleanser. I'm pretty sure it didn't work for me because I was using it everyday. I was told by a Sephora Beauty Advisor that this cleanser is  more for those with extremely oily skin-- those are the customers who love this. I ended up exchanging this for a lighter cleanser without any chemicals.

Kate Somerville Eradi-Kate
I loved this at first. I even mentioned it in one of my YouTube videos. It was a favorite. But then the biggest con got to me-- alcohol is one of its main ingredients. Overtime, I couldn't bear the strong smell of alcohol and I started feeling guilty that I was using it all over my pimples. Alcohol just leads to irritation. Not good! I exchanged it and bought Tea Tree Oil instead. 

wen by Chaz Dean Sweet Almond Mint Healthy Hair Kit
I gave in. I needed to try it. I wanted to. The fact the first time I heard about Chaz Dean and his products were in infomercials really made my beauty-junkiness develop feelings of rejections towards his products. His philosophy basically states that one single product can do it all. Yes. One. This kit included a huge bottle of conditioner, a deep conditioner and a hair...perfume? You're supposed to use about 20-30 pumps depending on your hair length, massage it on each strand for about 5 minutes, repeat the process if necessary then rinse. I'm a patient person when it comes to beauty. I like to follow instructions, take my time and do things properly. So I didn't mind the massaging process. After rinsing it out, you're supposed to towel-dry your hair and let it air dry or you can blow dry it if desired. If you decide to let it air dry, you can use a little bit of the conditioner as a leave in conditioner. 

Hey, I gave it a shot. Some people love it, some people hate it. I hated it. After a few days, my hair felt dirty. Heavy. My scalp was craving shampoo. I also didn't understand why you even get a deep conditioner in the kit if the cleansing conditioner is already super thick. The hair spray smelled good but it was just a bottle with essential oils which you can make yourself. This product was useless to me. 

The next couple of products I don't have pictures of, but I did speak about them in videos and mentioned how much I loved them, til now. 

Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick shade Muse
I really, really loved this color. It's a little brighter than Mac's Ablaze. Unfortunately, the formula was too drying for me. I always apply a moisturizing lip balm prior to lip stain applications, but even that wasn't enough. The color would chip and accentuate the creases on my lips. Aside from that, you get so little product-- 0.10oz for $28. 

Givenchy Mister Radiant
This is a gel with little bubbles of brownish pigments that are supposed to give your skin a healthy glow. I didn't really understand this product. Initially, I purchased it because I wanted to mix it with my Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer, but the Sensual Skin Enhancer is a thick cream, and the Givenchy Mister Radiant is a gel. Both elements just didn't make such a great combo. The reason why I returned it was because of the price-- I wanted to get something else instead for the money. This little tube cost me $38! I exchanged it for an Hourglass Foundation. 

Have you tried any products recently you've been disappointed with? If so, feel free to share! 


  1. Hi Pat!

    I loved reading this! You are right, it's important to let us know when a product disappointed you.
    You are very lucky to be able to exchange or return things, we can't do that in Europe! It's a shame, sometimes we spent so much for things that don't agree with our skin types... That's why I like to ask for samples before splurging on something!
    This was very helpful! Have a nice day!
    Big kiss!

    1. Ahh sis, that's only in the US.... that's why I try to test a lot of things when I go! I'm glad this post was helpful. Thank you for writing about these as well in your empties! They're super, super helpful. Goodnight sweetie! xoxo