Saturday, July 6, 2013

How To Make Your Hair Grow Quicker

I've always thought that one of the biggest ironies in life is wanting what we can't have at the moment. And when it comes to hair, this is clearly evident. The times when women with straight hair have come to me and said, "You hair is so beautiful! I wish I had your curls!" have been many, and I always tell them, "How about I give you mine and you give me yours?" Again, we always want what we can't have!

I'm pretty sure that those with long hair who are reading this have found themselves staring at short hair do's, reminiscing the times when your head felt lighter. The freshness of having short hair is very appealing.

On the other hand, there are women with short hair who love the edginess of it, yet suddenly snap out of the short-hair-euphoria and wish that their hair grew ten inches long overnight. While such thing is impossible, there are things you can do to help stimulate hair growth. 

@makeupbypatricia/ Left: May 6th 2013. Right: June 26th, 2013
I posted a picture on Instagram a few weeks back of a before and after picture of my hair, and I had many followers ask what my "secret" was. Being a naturally-curly hair gal, haircare has been a pretty big and experimented area in my life. I hope that this post gives you a few ideas on things you can do to make your hair healthier and fuller, while at the same time, speeding up its growing process. Enjoy.

A Little Bit on my Hair History 
I cut my hair extremely short last year, and I actually had two Keratin straightening treatments within that year to be able to pull off the short style. Continuing with the typical dissatisfaction, I ended up missing my curls and my long hair. I also got some highlights done after not having any color work on my hair for almost 3 years. Then I wanted a lighter base. So I dyed it a bit lighter at the beginning of this year. I knew that I would have to put some effort into keeping my hair from getting dry and brittle from the constant color work and occasional blow outs. 

If you want your hair to grow faster, you have to be kind to it. Be gentle. Try to use as less heat styling as possible and don't neglect trims. I admit I have been stubborn myself and have avoided haircuts in the past to maintain the current length when the truth was, it was time to get those ends cut off. 

The Big 2013 Discovery: Pre-Shampoo Treatments
Up til a few months back, I was accustomed to applying a deep conditioning treatment while being in the shower. I now have discovered the potential that pre-shampoo treatments have. In other words, products you apply directly to dry hair. 

Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment Plus

I was introduced to the amazing Ojon Restorative Treatment Plus back in April. The super awesome beauty advisor at my local Sephora applied it to me once a week while I was in the US and I fell in love with it. This is a must have for those with damaged or very damaged hair because it's an intense pre-shampoo treatment. In other words you apply this onto dry hair. 

The Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment is a balm which turns into an oil once you rub it between your hands. You're supposed to work with small sections at a time, really working the product in so that it penetrates. You can leave it for 5-10 minutes on your hair, but I have found excellent results using it as an overnight treatment once a week (just make sure you place a towel over your pillow). 

I give the most credit to this stuff for having more luscious hair. It keeps my hair strong and healthy. Highly recommend. 

Rosemary Oil 

Rosemary Oil is well-known for helping stimulate hair growth. Scalp massages are great to incorporate into your routine as well. I add a couple drops of organic Rosemary Oil onto the palms of my hands, rub them and then massage my scalp for a good 2-3 minutes before jumping into the shower. Sometimes I'll even do this before going to bed. 

Jojoba Oil

On days when I don't use Rosemary Oil, I'll massage a little bit of Jojoba Oil on my hair, focusing on the ends. Jojoba oil is excellent for hydration. 

Shampoo and Conditioner Matter

Stick to something that works for you. Something that makes your hair absolutely gorgeous after you've washed it. You can usually tell when you've found a good shampoo and conditioner. 

I began using Pureology Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner about three years ago and switched to different brands once I ran out so my hair wouldn't get "used to it". Nothing has made my hair look as great as it does whenever I use this stuff... which is why I went back to it.

The shampoo is ultra-thick, so a little bit goes a long way. My adoration *sigh* specifically goes to the conditioner. I've raved about it before. It contains peppermint oil, so it's tingly and refreshing. And it smells ah-mazing. Holy-grail. 

The Overnight Treatment

I feel kinda bad talking about this next one because it has been discontinued. But the Kerastase Noctogenist Voile Nuit for Fine Hair has been something else I incorporated into my routine and it has worked pretty well. Three of the best ingredients in this bottle are avocado oil, jojoba oil and hydrolyzed wheat protein. 

The truth is, any overnight treatment will work. There are many brands that sell these kinds of products. Look for strengthening and repairing ingredients

Monthly Treatments

The Kerastase Fusio Doses are fabulous. They address specific concerns that can be treated simultaneously: There are four different types of doses and four different caps, which means you can mix them. Once you put the booster (lid) on the bottle and twist it, you'll see a few drops come out. You then shake the bottle, snap on the applicator and spray it to towel-dried hair, working with small sections at a time. You then wash your hair immediately. 

I've been using these once a month and they've made my hair much more manageable, softer and shinier. So far I've tried the Damaged Hair, Dry Hair and Colored Hair range. 

Unfortunately, they're a little hard to get a hold of. From the research that I've done, these are exclusively in-salon treatments, but there are some salons that sell them. 

Here's a little cheat sheet:

And a short but very well-explained video on how these babies work:

Final Words
Remember to be patient. Your hair will grow. If you have very damaged hair, the wisest decision is to cut off more than just a couple of inches in order to grow out new, healthy strands. If your hair is healthy already but you're just frustrated because you want it long, try the tips I mentioned: be kind to it, minimize the heat when you style to reduce damage, apply weekly treatments, massage your scalp, get a trim.

Another tip I suggest is to take pictures like I did. Had I not taken both of the pictures I posted on the beginning, I probably wouldn't have noticed the drastic change.

I hope this helped. Have a beautiful day!



  1. I loved this post so much Pat! Very helpful!!!
    I will try the rosemary oil and the jojoba oil for sure!
    I know heat is not good at all but I find it really hard to not use any especially on my short hair... it needs to be styled... :-(
    I have to be patient... I'm really struggling! I know I sound vain but I can't stand my face at the moment!!! I cringe at every pic, LOL!

    Your hair looks so healthy and shiny, you have definitely found a routine that works for you! I'm amazed at the growth in such a short period of time, it's incredible!
    Thanks for writing this, you are the best! :-)
    Gros bisous!

    1. I'm so happy that you liked it Anne! And thank you again for making me write this. You have beautiful hair... it looks healthy and shiny. You'd rather have that kind of hair than puffy hair, trust me! So that's a pro for you already. I know what you mean about the need to heat style it. I hope that some of these tips work for you. And make your hubby take a picture of you facing away, then take another one in two months so you see the progress. Big kiss sis! xoxo!

    2. Yes that's a good idea! I will!
      Thanks for the compliment! I have a lot of hair but it's very thin so it looks flat... especially now that it's hot...
      Do you think it's ok if I mix a few drops of rosemary oil with jojoba oil to massage my scalp? Or is it better to use them separately?
      Bisou! :-)

    3. You're welcome! I can give you volume, my hair has plenty of it LOL.
      Hmmm... either way. It's up to you, because jojoba oil is a carrier oil, meaning you can use it if you're going to apply an essential oil straight to the skin. The thing is, jojoba oil is oilier than rosemary oil. Jojoba oil is thick. That's why it's a carrier oil. So if your hair is flat already, I would be careful with putting a thick oil directly to the scalp, because it might make it oilier and more flat. I would stick with jojoba oil just on the mid-shaft/ends, and apply the rosemary oil to the scalp (and take your time massaging it. Lay down while you do it so you don't get tired). But again, it's totally up to you. Trial and error -- experiment and see what works for you :)

    4. PS: And I find jojoba oil more nourishing, whereas I use rosemary oil + massage for stimulating purposes.

    5. Yeah you are right... I will only use the rosemary oil on my scalp. Tomorrow I will buy some!
      Thanks for your advice and your quick replies!
      Good evening sis! Bed time for me... These kids are killing me, not sure if I'm ready for a second one, LOL!!!

    6. You're very welcome. LOL you are practicing, that's good! Night night! XX

  2. Hey Pat,

    Sorry to bother you with my questions but I just got Rosemary essential oil in my local health store...
    I don't see anything that says it can be used on the body or hair... I think it's the kind you burn in those holders with a candle... you see what I mean?
    It's 100% rosemary oil but then it says it contains : Pinene, Limonene and Linalool. Do you think it's safe to use directly on the scalp?
    I know essential oils can be harmful... Do you use it directly without any carrier oil? I'm a bit confused LOL!

  3. Don't apologize Anne! I'm glad you asked and you're being careful. I'm not 100% sure about your rosemary oil... if I were you I would ask the people at the store where you bought it. I know what you mean tho about being the ones you burn with a candle. Some of those aren't pure.. and I don't know about those extra ingredients. Ask someone at the store.. I wish I could help you more, but I lack that kind of information and I don't want to tell you something when I'm obviously not 100% educated in that area. The thing with the essential oils I use is that they're 100% organic and aura cacia is a very trustworthy brand and their oils can be mixed and diluted to be used directly on the skin. Since I use a drop usually, I don't dilute it. If I were to use a strong oil like peppermint oil directly on the skin lets say, in a massage, then yes, you do have to dilute it. I posted a table on instagram a while ago on a dilution table aura cacia had at a store. I hope I helped a bit! X

    1. Thanks Pat!
      I was in a rush when I bought it. I will go back tomorrow and ask them...
      Thank you for taking the time to answer me! I will check the table on Insta! ;-)
      Have a lovely day!
      Big kiss!