Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jojoba Oil: 10 Ways From Head To Toe

I love versatile products, especially when they're natural. I began using jojoba oil roughly about four years as I became inclined to at home beauty treatments -- I'd warm some up in the microwave and apply to dry hair, combing it and massaging it through. I loved how soft and shiny it made my hair. 

As the years have gone by, I've experimented much more with with jojoba oil, and I've hooked some friends and family members into using it as well. Since this is my little corner to share with you everything that I try and love, I am going to type away different jojoba oil application methods. Hope you enjoy!

Let me start off by saying that the brand I've personally used for years is the Desert Essence Organic Jojoba Oil. You need to make sure the jojoba oil you're using is pure -- read the ingredient list to make sure it isn't mixed with any other ingredients. 

  1. Make your own massage or body oil: I am such a fan of essential oils. With so many on the market, there is something out there for everyone, guaranteed. I love diluting essential oils with jojoba oil. Play around with different essential oils or use it by itself - jojoba oil will glide on your skin with ease leaving it soft, supple and hydrated. I love using it on my arms and legs right before going to sleep. My mom loves massaging some on her feet before going to bed. My sister is a moisturizer addict like myself and always has some on the go. Bonus: It's also brilliant for dry cuticles. 

  2. Use it as an after-shave: I like to massage jojoba oil on my legs after I shave. It helps calm down any itchiness or irritation. Tip: Apply it on your skin while it's still damp to help lock in moisture. 

  3. Get rid of wax residues: Speaking of hair removal, I dab jojoba oil on any traces of wax after waxing. Not only does it break down the wax, but you're moisturizing irritated skin at the same time - great for ahem, the upper lip. Using jojoba oil is much better than using one of those wipes or oils some wax kits can include (which are usually highly-fragranced or full of chemicals).

  4.  The makeup-remover: Sometimes I opt for my bottle of jojoba oil rather than using a micellar water in the pre-cleansing stage. It is a lot more effective at breaking down makeup (including waterproof). Bonus: it does not irritate the eyes, so it's safe for contact lense users like moi! Bonus: if your skin is feeling dry and tight, add jojoba oil to your regular cleanser for intense hydration. 

  5. The natural cleanser: Jojoba oil is safe to use on the entire face. It is a gentle and natural way of cleansing your skin. I love how it doesn't leave a greasy residue nor clog my pores. In fact, jojoba oil is the closest thing to sebum - our natural oil secretion - hence, oil glands are tricked by thinking they've produced enough oil which can help neutralize your natural's skin oil production. Bonus: give yourself (or a loved one) a facial massage. At the same time you'd be moisturizing eyebrows and eyelashes.

  6. Pre-mask: I like using jojoba oil as a cleanser before applying a facial mask because it preps my skin with loads of moisture.

  7. Get rid of dry patches: Your hands, your elbows, in between your brows - you name it. Dab some jojoba oil on any dry patches and voila!

  8. The pre-wash treatment: This is actually a secret to my shiny locks -- I massage jojoba oil on my ends right before I jump in the shower. I don't do it every single time, but when I do, I notice my hair is extra soft and shiny.

  9. The intense hair treatment: Whether you leave it on overnight or for a couple of hours, jojoba oil does wonders for your hair. The way I see it is, the longer, the better. Tip: Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil so your hair smells oh so good.

  10. Don't neglect your scalp: Scalp massages are not only good to stimulate hair growth -- the healthier your scalp is, the healthier your hair will grow. 

Since we are getting closer to the end of 2014.... Happy New Year! And if you're interested for more beauty talk, I recently posted another Empties Video



  1. I loved this post sis, very interesting!
    I use jojoba oil too... I use it at night after I cleansed my face when it feels extra dry. I massage 2 drops instead of my serum, I does wonders!
    I've never tried it on my hair, I like coconut oil for that! I will do a post about it soon! Just need to take pics!
    Much love sis! <3

    1. You once mentioned that to me! It's so versatile... I am glad you love it as well. I am looking forward to your post on coconut oil! Much love sis <3


  2. Great post, Pat. Truly a very multi functional product. I really want to try it on my hair. I'll try to get a bottle next time I travel to the U.S.

    1. Thanks Coco! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Xoxo