Friday, March 7, 2014

Let's Talk About Packaging

Just as the title suggests, this isn't a product review but rather eye candy for your inner beauty lover. It's no surprise I am in love with Tatcha and her packaging, as I've been resoundingly verbal about my adoration towards her beautiful products. 

A few weeks back, Tatcha posted on her Facebook Fan Page that she'd be running a QVC contest. All you had to do was write a review on the QVC website on two of her cleansing products and you were automatically entered to win any Tatcha product. Victoria - Tatcha founder - is so humble and kind, she then announced that everyone who had submitted a review had won. Yes. Everyone

I received her Camellia Beauty Oil with a personal handwritten note and some heart-shaped candy - a package which made me even more enamored. That's the thing with Tatcha I don't see with anyone else - the attention, the small details, the excellent customer service, interaction with fans. It's the little things, you know? 

I hope you enjoy these pictures. As I promised when my sister gifted me the Classic Rice Enzyme Powder and the Dewy Mist back on Christmas, I will review these products soon. Remember I always like to give my skin some time to see how it reacts to new products. 

Hope you enjoy. Xoxo

Do you love Tatcha as well? Which are your favorite products? 


  1. Cute packaging indeed!
    I've never heard of that brand... can't wait to see your review!
    Have a lovely day sis! Much love! xx

    1. It's a small company sis.. She sold everything she had to create it... it's an inspiring story really. I'm planning out a special review soon! Xoxo