Monday, July 21, 2014

Beauty Tip: Preventing and Treating Existing Body Acne

A couple months ago I began breaking out on my neck and decollete and then BAM! I got an idea: use a different cleanser for those areas - and if you haven't been treating your neck and decollete the same way as your face: it's time to. 

I'll use my own skin type as an example so I deliver my advice as clear as I can. I have normal skin and  sometimes suffer from dehydration. But as I previously mentioned, I began breaking out on my neck and chest. If I were to use a cleanser formulated for oily skin, it would leave my face feeling stripped, but treating my neck and decollete different than my face worked.  

I love Desert Essence. I think it's a beautiful, natural and clean brand (vegan, free of nasties) and their Thoroughly Clean Face Wash is one that is too strong for my face (it was developed for oily acneic skin) but is perfect for my neck and chest's condition. It has a very watery, runny consistency but you need a lot less product than you think. I have been using the travel size (4 fl. oz. / 120ml) for the last month and I still have more than half left.
 My acne faded and I'm just left with very annoying dark spots that are slowly fading with the help of different skin care products. 

If any areas on your body are breaking out, I highly suggest you:

a) shower as soon as you get home from the gym/working out
b) thoroughly cleanse your body
c) use anti-acne cleansers / treatments that contain salicylic acid or a natural alternative, tea-tree oil 
d) moisturize as acne-treatments can be drying
e) always use sunscreen, every day

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