Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Love At First Peel

I am beyond happy to share with you my latest obsession: resurfacing facial pads/wipes. After Maree shared a photo of the M-61 Power Glow Peel, I knew I had to try one. It seemed like it was meant to be since I was at Georgetown, DC - where the first Bluemercury was created. Meant to be
Before I jump to the actual product, I have to say I immediately fell in love with the staff at Bluemercury in Georgetown. Everyone was so kind, asked me what I was looking for and then explained to me what these "glow peels" were all about. I was given samples (they are very generous when it comes to samples - something they emphasize on their website) to see how my skin would react to it. 

First impressions? My skin just glowed afterwards. And I'm not just saying that to justify the label. I do have to mention, I did feel a tingle - very different from burning - however that is totally normal when using these types of products (more on that in a bit). One of the staff members from Blue Mercury at Georgetown told me she never felt a tingling sensation - I guess it all depends on your skin's tolerance. 

What Are They?

Weekly treatments that are supposed to then become daily treatments to chemically exfoliate your skin. It does it all in a matter of seconds. 

Who Created Them?
The founders of Bluemercury themselves - Marla Beck and her husband. 

How Do They Work?
Glycolic acid exfoliates the surface of the skin by getting rid of dead cells. Salicylic acid penetrates the pores, clears any excess sebum, hence reducing the amount of breakouts. Chamomile and lavender helps soothe inflammation. Vitamin K helps reduce the appearance of spider veins, simultaneously combating dry or rosacea-like patches. Bilberry extract - an antioxidant and helps even out the skin tone. 
If you are a skincare junkie like myself, you might have just fallen in love. 

They are also Paraben and synthetic fragrance-free. Vegan. 

And I'm telling you something - they work. I ended up purchasing the 30 pack which retails for $62. They also sell a 10-pack for $26 but obviously the 30 pack is a much better deal. 

The Results
I only use these about three times a week because they're personally too expensive for me to use everyday, however if my skin suddenly develops a (arggh!) bump, I'll pull one out and leave it pressed a few seconds longer on the problematic area, then move to the rest of my face and neck. That's another thing, never forget your neck and decollete area, guys. 

After a month using these babies, I'm absolutely hooked. What is remarkably impressive to me the most in my overall complexion change, is the reduction of blackheads on my nose. WOW! I've tried a gazillion things and getting a professional facial would be the only thing to reduce them as they would be professionally extracted. I am awed. *Applause, standing ovation, Marla Beck.*

Also, my skin is softer. The texture feels completely different. 

Who Would Love Them?
I think this is something that could literally work for anyone - whether you have oily, normal, combination or acneic skin. It's easy to include in your current routine as it is just one step after cleansing and it takes seconds (no rinsing needed). Really important though: if you have sensitive skin or are new to acids, make sure you do a patch test - and that tip applies to all skincare products. What works for me may not work for others - everyone's skin is different

Final Tips & Thoughts
Exfoliants are great to use at night prior to applying a face mask. This allows masks' ingredients to penetrate deeper into the dermis. 

The fact that they come individually soaked make them great for travel. 

Remember to always use SPF regardless of the weather outside, particularly if you are using AHA's and BHA's as they make your skin more sensitive to UVA/UVB rays. 

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by Bluemercury. I bought these myself and I am proud to say I will happily repurchase before I'm out! 


  1. I think I might just have fallen in love too, from the ingredients, I can tell it's something my skin needs ... A lot of. I hope to try them out soon. They are a bit pricey for me.

    1. You can always get the 10-pack and use them one a week only. It's great value that way. Xoxo